Elements (Part Five)

By Colette

Edited by Praxilla, Metrica, and Staple

As John stopped at his locker to get his English books, somebody behind him said,

“John, I need to meet you after school in the gym.”

As he turned around to see who was talking to him, he saw nobody. He stood at his locker and analyzed everybody in the hallway. He was forced to stop when the bell rang, signaling him to be in English, he then ran down the hallway. As usual John did not have his homework (for the 5th time this week) so Mrs. Glishen sent him a pass to go to the principal’s office. John was reluctant to go to the office because of what the event with the principal earlier. He also did not want to know what the principal would assume when he turned up in the office not even 5 minutes afterward. He did not mention this to Mrs. Glishen though. He had a feeling that it would only make matters worse, so he left the classroom quietly as Mrs. Glishen resumed teaching the class about Shakespeare’s style of literature. Before John had even left the classroom, he decided not to go to the office. But where would he go instead? John wandered the halls. He looked at his watch, which read; 7:10. John sighed. There was fifty more minutes until the second class would begin. Suddenly, John heard voices from around the corner.

“Have you found out who is the one dealing, Greg?” Uh oh. John thought he recognized that voice, it was the office secretary, Jamie. She is troublemaker-spotter if there ever was one. A second voice answered the question.

“No, sadly,” said Greg, which John recognized as the principal’s voice. John rushed in the bathroom, and luckily no one was there. As he leaned over to catch his breath he noticed a basketball flier on the door.

Basket Ball Players!!!

Come to the gym this afternoon and get a heads up for the tryout season!

If you are planning on being part of the team this year, then come join us at 4:00 right after school!

At the mention of the gym, John remembered the mysterious person who had talked to him at his locker this morning. He wondered who she was, and how she knew him. When he was sure that Jamie and Mr. Shawner had left, he peeked out the door nervously, and headed to the library. He chose the library because he knew that there would be people there. This would allow him to blend in and nobody would ask any questions. John also loved to read and spent a lot of his time in the school library.

When he reached the two wooden double doors of the library, he was still wondering who the strange person was. However, it was pushed from his mind when he saw the principal at the check out counter. He must have been heading towards the library when John heard him. Luckily, Mr. Shawner’s back was turned to the door, and he did not notice John as he silently slipped between two bookshelves lined with some of his favorite books. He would have gladly sat down to read one of the stories he read over and over, but he did not want the librarian to notice that he was just chilling. Instead he plucked one off the shelf that interested him because of its strange title, Waters From Around the World. He could tell the librarian that he was here to do a book report. Just as John stepped out in to the isle, he ran in to Sage, who was in the library with her social studies class.

“What are you doing here?” Sage asked surprised. “I thought that you were in Mrs. Glishen’s class right now!”

“Well…” John stalled. He did not want Sage to think he did not want to talk to her, but the principle was turning around… “I am really sorry Sage, but…” John darted between two book shelves and walked towards the sitting area so he could read his book.


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