Elements (Part Four)

By Colette

Edited by Praxilla

“Mr. Walters!” A voice called out.

John turned around quickly. It was the principal of Eisenhower Middle School, Greg Shawner. John ambled over.

“Yes, Mr. Shawner?” John asked.

“What were you doing over there?” the principal pointed over to where he had been talking with his friends.

“Ummmmm……..” John raised his eyebrows. Shawner seemed to be expecting an answer. “Talking?” John said. The principle looked at him quizzically.

“Turn out your pockets Mr. Walters,” Shawner said suddenly. John hesitated then did as he had been told. There was nothing there. Shawner looked surprised. He looked up into John’s eyes and said quietly, “You seen someone dealing drugs, Mr. Walters?”

“No sir,” John answered as he turned his pockets back in. “May I go now?” He knew he was being rude, but Shawner didn’t care or didn’t notice. He glanced at John quickly one more time before walking down the hall to the administration office.

John turned around and walked in the opposite direction towards his friends.

“What was that all about?” asked Nick, a buff black boy who had been John’s friend since preschool.

“Yeah man, it looked like he was going to arrest you or something!” said Chris, a small boy with a lean frame, messy brown hair, and brown eyes. Out of the three of them, he was the joker. John rolled his eyes.

“I think he thought I was dealing in drugs or something.” He said. Nick looked shocked, but Chris laughed.

“You should’ve seen the look on his face when he saw that John didn’t have anything!” Chris said to Nick. “Hilarious!” Chris was still laughing when Sage came up to them.

“Hi John, hi Nick, hi Chris.” Sage said. Her brown hair tumbled over her shoulders to stop somewhere on her lower back, and her bright green eyes flashed in different colors as she looked at them.

“Ready to swim today guys?” She said “We have lots of competition from Middleton. What are you swimming again?”

“Freestyle.” John replied. “You?”

“Butterfly.” Sage said. “What about you, Nick, Chris?”

“Same as you.” Nick said.

“Breast and backstroke.” said Chris who had stopped laughing.

“Well I’ll talk to you guys later,” Sage said as the bell rang for the first class.


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