5,000 Feet Above the Sea: Part Eight

By: Ben H.

Mark was ecstatic. “I invented my own form of time travel?! That is awesome,” Mark exulted. As he started to squirm around, Mark’s older self was slowly moving towards him. “Hello? Future me, listen!” His copy kept moving towards him. “Hey! Stop! What- what are you doing?!” Mark’s heart started to beat faster and faster. His brain started racing through memories of his life. All of the times he spent playing video games. All of the tournaments he won and finally, Episilon. Mark’s brain continued to panic until suddenly, time and space itself seemed to slow down. The mini waterfalls froze over, and his future self stopped moving. Seeking a method of escape, Mark lethargically checked his pockets. They were empty.

Time eventually started to flow again, and Mark was left unarmed against a smarter, bigger, and surely better equipped copy of himself. Mark still wondered what those soft leather gloves did. “I must have upgraded them some how, but in what way?!” Mark thought. The gloves looked new and Mark saw no evidence of tampering or weaponization on the gloves. One feature, however, caught his eye.

Installed into the backhand-side of each glove was a circular glass window, similar to a lens in shape. But it was not the shape or the glass window that amazed Mark, it was the item inside of the gloves. As his future self continued to move towards him, objects around him were being attracted to the gloves. When that side of gloves became visible to Mark, there appeared to be nothing in or on the gloves. The area surrounding that part of gloves was blank; nothing was there.


4 thoughts on “5,000 Feet Above the Sea: Part Eight

  1. Um, didn’t quite get the last paragraph, his older self’s hands don’t exist? And if his older self had gloves on how could he see the birthmark? Plus, if there is nothing in the glove, then how is there a hand with a birthmark there? Just curious.

  2. “Finally, the creature stopped and took off the leather gloves. The creature had human hands, and Mark instantly noticed a mark on its right pinky-finger.” That is from Part Seven. While you did remember the pinky-finger situation, you forgot the ever important fact that Mark’s future self is not wearing the gloves anymore.

    • I will also leave some hints to help explain why parts of the gloves are invisible.
      1. “. . .objects around him were being attracted to the gloves.”

      2. You can not see things that do not reflect light back. There has to be some force that is preventing light from escaping that area.

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