5,000 Feet Above the Sea: Part Seven

By: Ben H.

Mark awoke in a bright cavern.  The walls were cut in a perfectly flat, octagonal shape and the whole room was marvelously designed with mini waterfalls and pristine plants, blending in with the amazing dark wood furniture and flame-orange tiles seamlessly. The cavern was peculiarly inviting, and Mark felt calm and relaxed even though he was tightly tied to a chair. It reminded him of home.

Mark waited for a short amount of time before the flush and otherwise camouflage sliding doors opened. It walked into the room, dripping in gold. It was some sort of humanoid, but whatever it was, it was covered in a smooth and elegant cover of liquid gold. Mark was breathless. “How could a creature survive at the temperature it takes to melt gold,” Mark wondered.

As the creature approached Mark, the layer of liquid gold covering its body slowly disappeared from the hands and feet and then upward. The creature was wearing soft leather gloves and the evaporation of the liquid gold stopped around the wrist and ankles of the creature. Finally, the creature stopped and took off the leather gloves. The creature had human hands, and Mark instantly noticed a mark on its right pinky-finger. Mark, as well, had a birthmark on his right pinky-finger.


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