Soccer Schedule for 2013

Hey Jets!  Soccer is coming up!  All grades can join the team.  There are different teams for each gender.  The girl’s soccer coach is Mr. Szenasi and the boy’s soccer coach is Mr. Raney. You need to turn in a physical to Mr. Szenasi before you can play.  The soccer season runs from February to May.

Soccer Schedule

2/26 – JMS vs Cien Aguas (Co-ed game)

3/5 – JMS @ John Adams

3/19 – Tony Hillerman  @ JMS

3/21 – JMS @ McKinley

3/26 – JMS @ Cleveland

4/3 –Garfield @ JMS

4/5 –LBJ @ JMS

4/8 – JMS @ Jimmy Carter

4/11 – Washington @ JMS

4/15 –Truman @ JMS

4/18 –Van Buren @ JMS

The APS city tournament starts the week of 4/22. Specific dates will be released later.



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