Jefferson’s MathCounts Success

By: Casey T.

The chapter MathCounts competition took place this past Saturday at the Albuquerque Academy. Held every year at this time (usually at UNM), the chapter competition gathers middle schools from across the metro area to compete in a variety of clever challenging math problems in the chance to excel onto the state and national levels, each adding a layer of difficulty.

This year, the official team (composed of Ruby Aidun, Ben Hammel, George Laird, and Elena Mcdowell) placed second above the host of the competition, Albuquerque Academy. Bosque School, AIMS, Albuquerque School of Excellence, and Eisenhower MS were among the designated teams. In addition to the team’s qualification for the state competition, four individuals (John Fawcett, Michelle Groth, Raquel De la Huerga, and Brian Bishop) will also compete on March 30. The majority of the qualifiers scored within the top 20 overall for the individual competition, aside from the team round that established the impressive rank.

The only 6th grade competitor, Elena, tells us that she was really excited and looked forward to the competition. ” I felt pretty proud of myself and all my team mates. We were all really excited with how we did and I was just really excited and happy” she responds.

Before we talked to Raquel, she recently found out that as an individual she qualified for state. Originally, Raquel hadn’t, yet with some exciting news today, she will be competing.  “It was hard, and difficult, and fun.” she says when asked her thoughts in regards to the outcome of the competition. “We had a really good team and we were against some  difficult schools, except we got second this year which was really awesome.” she adds.

Jefferson’s coach, Mr. Golda explains his thoughts regarding the performance of his mathletes. “Oh my goodness, at chapter contest I was extremely pleased. I took 10 Jefferson students to [the] Academy. I had never taken 10 students to compete at any contest,  so having that many interested students, including the students who practice every week that weren’t able to compete because of the limited numbers that I can bring; I am just thrilled in the interest in MathCounts this year” he explains.

As announced by Brian, “MathCounts rocks! Jefferson’s MathCounts team has done it again! Their success will be celebrated as we wish all participants the best of luck (if they need it) for the state competition.”


7 thoughts on “Jefferson’s MathCounts Success

    • Yeah… But now that I hear it, it seems quite cool. Actually, “Jefferson’s couch” isn’t a bad nickname. I can see that now: “Hey Jefferson’s Couch, did you catch that one Italian game? Wait, what Italian football game haven’t you seen?”

  1. 1. I wonder who commented as jeffersonianblog.
    2. On the topic of couches, I’m glad to see the editors are still very exited about their job of editing. Very exited.

  2. I would change it from “couch,” but what would be the fun in that? I, too, am “exited” to have Couch Golda leading MathCounts (it’s one word, right?). Okay, that’s a bit much…I’m changing the “exited.” Too close to home for a “Language Arts” teacher to take. “Couch,” however, is definitely staying.

    –co-sponsor teacher personage

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