Siblings: The Ultimate Challenge

Ever since the dawn of time there have been siblings and from that point on there have been conflicts. They fight for land, property, tasty candy, attention, and blood. However, most siblings fight over one thing: nothing.

Scientists from all over the world are baffled by this. “How could someone try to murder someone over something as insignificant as a piece of cinnamon candy, much less over nothing?” questions Dr. Jimmy T Little. Dr. Little researches the effect of Manzi Juice on the human brain. “I guess it is all for attention, but you could attract attention by purchasing a pouch of high-quality Manzi Juice, available at your local ManziMart.” Dr. Little remarks.

Many people link siblinghood to catastrophic events. Neuroscientist Crogan Crepehart says “over 80% of the news is related to some sibling-induced murder or accident. For example, the student who started the Bind Colum Elementary School Massacre was found to be in Manzi Juice withdrawal. Who caused this poor child to be deprived of his precious Manzi Juice? It was none other than his three-year old sister!”  The three-year old was later charged with first degree Manzi Juice deprivation.

Some of you may be wondering, “what can we do to prevent siblings from destroying the world?” Most people believe this is virtually impossible, however, some people believe we can slow down the destruction of the world by requiring that all siblings ingest Manzi Juice. Recent studies on Manzi Juice have shown that it can increase happiness levels by ten fold. Local mom, Rymee Clueless says “when my son’s dog died, he became very sad. Now that he regularly uses Manzi Juice, he can’t even remember that he ever had a dog!”


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