Meteorite Over Russia

By Ben H.

In America, everyone is slowly going to bed and falling asleep. In Russia however, it’s already Friday and there is a flaming meteorite spiraling into the Ural Mountains. At about 9:20 in the morning the residents of the Russian city of Chelyabinsk are waking up and commuting to work. While dancing over to their jobs, they notice a streak of light heading towards an area about 900 miles east from Moscow. The fireball arches across the sky and eventually exploded mid-flight, sending out shock waves that smashed windows and shook buildings. Many people were injured from the glass, and a zinc factory nearby collapsed.

I can’t imagine the pandemonium that this event would cause if it happened in America. People would be freaking out, declaring the end of the world. Traffic would be horribly clogged up. Many people would just sleep through it while some people would start frantically shooting the sky mindlessly. Maybe people would start going to churches. Local news stations would be flooding the streets. But worse of all, there would be little to no recordings of the event!

Since we talking about something that happened in Russia, recordings of the event are all over the internet. You can see the meteorite explode from dozens of views, at least half of them from dashcams. In the video I watched, there was a giant streak of light that led to a bright flash and three seconds later, the shock waves set off car alarms and destroyed windows. But in all of the videos I checked out, people are either listening to crazy rock music, or just chilling. The officials are even cool when it comes to it. The Chelyabinsk regional Governor Mikhail Yuyevich noted on his blog “There’s no major destruction. The main task now is to maintain heat in the apartments and offices where the glass was smashed.” I believe at this point we can officially say that Russians are probably the best people when dealing with crazy events.


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