Part Four of 5,000 Feet Above the Sea

Part Four

By Ben H.

“Yo, Johnny.” Mark wiggled out of one of the play structures and into the open area where Johnny was jumping off the swing-set. “Where did you go? The dudes have been looking all over for you-” “Private business, now, do you remember where I put the emergency switches?” “Under the spinning top, I think.” Mark snuck to a red cylindrical pole and started to make a hole in the field of woodchips. After digging for about 5 minutes, Mark found what he was looking for, one of his old radio transmitters.

Mark turned the transmitter on. “1..2..3..4..5 liftoff.” All of the bells in the school started to ring and Mark watched as each YMCA employee evacuated the premise. When the coast was clear, he quietly ran and blended in with a large group of 3rd graders.  As YMCA employees desperately tried to calm down the confused kindergarteners, Mark stole the building keys from a distracted teenager and went back into the building to turn off the fire alarms and retrieve his backpack.

“You’re here early,” Mark’s older sister, Heidi, smirked. “Yeah, there was some weird fire drill at the school and I decided to just sign out and leave.” “Sure there was, now, can you explain why John from YMCA called to report you missing?” Mark gulped. “Just give me a break, I can explain later.” “Why should I not tell Mom or Dad?” “Well, because I can just as easily light these matches,” Mark calmly pulled a match out from a misplaced matchbox, “and burn the house down.” “Way ahead of you little bro, you know that I have always prepared for the moment that you go murderous. I can call 911 and Mom at the same time with only the press of a button thanks to this app that I bought.” Mark stood there, pondering his situation as if it was a chess match. “How about I let you take any one item from my room?” “Anything?” “Any one item.” “I like the sound of that, it’s a deal.”

“Of course Heidi would look in my closet, there was so much stuff in their that you could probably find the Ark of the Covenant if you dug through all the junk long enough,” Mark thought. “Aha! Oh wait…oooooo.” Heidi pulled out a replica Double Eagle pistol. “Let’s check if you rigged it,” Heidi ejected the magazine and carefully folded piece of paper fell out. Heidi grinned and started to unravel the package, “What do I have here?…” Adrenaline surged through Mark’s body, he knew exactly what was written on that paper, the chest pain from the starting of fourth grade was coming back.


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