The Bass of the Forest

By:  Symon Majewski (Despite what the Paper copy might say)

There once was a small boy named Charles, he had no friends.  He walked the lonely campus of his abandoned elementary school, washed away by time, the cruelest mistress of all. He thought about everything he had ever been through, and tried to fill himself with false hope about how good the future would turn out to be.  As Mingus (Charles Mingus) was walking, he fell into a deep hole which led to a forest.  Vast was this forest of old, filled with trees of ancient times who had seen many great happenings.  Here, Mingus knew he was at peace.  Mingus drew his grandfather’s rusty pocketknife from the back of his pants.  After three days, he managed to chop down a whole tree and carve out of it the grandest stand up bass there ever has been.  He played for days plucking, and strongly bowing the best jazz ever heard.  When the town heard him they came to rescue him, but when the search party arrived at the forest, Mingus turned them back saying, “All my soul‘ll need for the future is music.”  When he returned to his town 23 days later, he left his bass behind and perused music, becoming one of the best bassists that had ever lived.   When late fall came, Mingus returned to the forest where he had learned it all.  Mingus migrated to a land where he was at home, with the bass of the forest.



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