Editors Note: Like our previous post, this post “Fruits” was written by your editors without looking at what the previous person wrote.A Juicy orange is such a pleasure to have on a spring afternoon. What a fine time for grapes, tea, and cookies! My mouth watered as my sea green eyes set on the mound of freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies that smelt of comfort and childhood. the best thing to have as a child would obviously by a big juicy peach fresh from the tree with a bit of salt and a chair in the sun. The light reflected casually of the surfaces of the remarkable apple…until violently destroyed  by writhing fingers and an eager maw.  My cracked lips enclosed the delicious cookie as the warm comforting feeling swept through my body, I was in love. cherries symbolize love in a way; showing how when we are together how strong we are,. Rinds..rinds are and seem more effective in the protection of vital substances, acidic or not.Not a kiwi that’s for sure, but a gorgeous lemon, oh yes. I don’t believe this its a butterfly.Indeed to them we must thank, for how else would we cope? Apples are sometimes very hard to cope with due to the fact that the sweetness that invades your mouth and and the hardness of an unripe fruit. My favorite, mouth watering fruit is PEACHES!! Oh deary me, how I loathe to remember the peach of an acquaintance I shall forever forget. And so let us not forget the memories if our good, fruity times, and the memories a good peach brings.


One thought on “Fruits

  1. “This children, is what happens when someone ingests WAY too much MZ Juice at the Farmer’s Market.” “Mommy, I’m scared.” “I know honey, me too.”

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