Collaboratively written by Collette, Praxilla, and Staple, your strange editors. Editors Note: this was written without looking at what the previous person wrote, with the exception of the last word. Hope you laugh!

Vegetables …. Ummm….. broccoli are crazy in the head. “Mom I hate carrots!” I screeched as we reached the freeze dried vegetable aisle at the huge Costco. What a despicable place…has one ventured into an industrially obtuse setting such that all quality is ignored; by participating in thy purchases, one may actually turn into a vegetable, in the long run. Tomatoes will run away from the other potatoes! Potatoes are grown underground so why do we eat them above ground?

Wow, I sure am grounded given the fact that, unlike most vegetables, I’m non-existent; the vegetable I am!


One thought on “Vegetables

  1. How could you say that Costco is evil?!
    Excellent quality products are their main concern!
    Literally everything at Costco is amazing.
    Please, reconsider your statement of which you said that “all quality is ignored. . .”

    Maybe you just had a bad experience with one of their faulty products, which probably got immediately recalled.
    Everybody at Costco is caring and keeps a close eye on their products, preventing any kind of contamination.

    Tons of people everyday go to Costco, experiencing many free, delicious snacks.
    Heck, even I go their to freeload on their hors d’oeuvres.
    Even thinking about those yummy foods makes my water.
    You can only find that kind of quality at Costco!

    Anyone you ask can tell you that Costco is a great place to acquire food from.
    Really, you should leave your place of living and go to Costco,
    Exotic, high quality foods await.

    Economists predict that Costco will continue to provide amazing products even through hard times.
    Valentine’s Day products are also in Costco’s arsenal of fantastic products.
    Interestingly enough, most Costco’s have 27 different types of bouquets in stock today!
    Ladies, according to our studies, have shown to love our new “Blue Manzi” flower the most!

    Warning, Blue Manzi flowers may cause severe brain damage, please use responsibly.

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