Part Two of 5,000 Feet Above the Sea

Editor’s Note: It is suggested to read the first part of this story before reading part two.    

By: Ben H.

Lately, working on the “farm” was just building  a fence with watchtowers around an acre of bare dirt, but today it was different. Tiny green sprouts had taken the place of the sacred dirt. What the sprouts would grow into, nobody knew. Ms. Rymee had dumped every crop seed she could find, the sprouts could be anything from poison potatoes to radishes. The color of green was somehow ironic and hopeful, soaking up the troubles of the villagers.

After visiting the sprouts, Mark wandered off to his favorite hiding spot, the mailbox. There was nothing special about the mailbox, it was just a royal blue mailbox with large black lettering. Since the incident, it was just the memorial of the house at 581 Caliber Drive. To kill time, Mark would sit by a mailbox and admire the view.  The location of the mailbox was magical, as Mark relaxed by the mailbox he could see everything around him; his whole world. To the right, Mark could see his village. On the left, there was a magnificent view of a pond where the stars were reflected.  However, no view of a pond could replace the magic of night by the mailbox and watching the Milky Way and the stars in the sky. The Milky Way in the night sky used to be myth to Mark, but he could now see it every night and so it became a normal sight.

The blue light of the moon surprised Mark, and its eerie brilliance guided him back to his sleeping bag. In his deep slumber, Mark had another one of his famous episodic dreams. For Mark, it was awesome. He could get more entertainment from them than a “normal” full-length dream, while getting the same amount of sleep. The plot of each episode was fresh and new, but the episode would change just before the climax. It was like watching his mother surf TV channels.

Finally he had his season finale. Usually this episode was the most thought provoking of the season, and it certainly was. The dream covered his life instead of the his disappointing dreams, and highlighted every mistake he had every made. It was a documentary of every train he didn’t catch, but more importantly, it was a documentary of Epsilon, Mark’s former best friend.


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