In-School Access to Electronics: A Good Idea?

By Aidan W.:

When at school, everybody sees the occasional iPod or phone. But is it really a good idea to have them out?

Many kids nowadays have some sort of portable electronic, and a large fraction of them bring them to school. It is unknown what the main purpose of having the device at school is, whether it be for calling a parent after school, or goofing off during class. Most kids that use them know, or at least should know, that they should not use them. First off, the phone, music player or other electronic device could get stolen or lost. There have been many cases where a phone, iPod or even Samsung Tablet was taken from a backpack in the PE locker rooms. There have also been many cases where the electronic device fell out of a pocket or was set down and forgotten.

As well as there being phone-users during class, we must also pay attention to the “snitches,” or “tattlers” who think it unfair that others may use them, and they end up “snitching.”  A factor of snitching is that the snitching student is despised and told off by the phone-user, so I, personally, do NOT recommend snitching.

I think that there should be a new school rule that phones and other electronics shall not be seen unless allowed or before and after school. Any other time, it’s curtains for the phone.

Stay tuned for more by me, Aidan W.


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