An Expected Journey: Chapter 10

Hi jeffersonianers! Here is a brand new Expected Journey for you! This is continuation of the Daothan story. Which I suggest reading first if you have not already. Enjoy!

The run to the mountain was the first obstacle. The lonely peak is a very tall mountain for one that stands solitary, and from a distance it seems almost unclimbable. Many young dwarfs would not enter the contest simply due to the menacing look of the mountain, but Daothan mustered his will and kept running. After nearly 30 minutes in full charge, the dwarfs began the slow trudge up the mountain. Within the first few minutes a young dwarf named Timbaer stopped, gasping for breath, and turned around. The first stop of the day was inevitable. There were now only 9 dwarfs left on the trek. They finally reached the first rest spot, the cave carved by Thorin Oakenshield himself. They were to rest here for 20 minutes and then continue on into the mountain where Smaug once lay. Then they had to make their way up Smaug’s pass, a dangerous trek.

As Daothan sat on the floor with crossed legs, an opponent across the room fell to the floor. Another opponent went to him and saw that he was holding a stone cup of water. Someone had inflicted poison. This shocked the dwarfs:  who could have done this? With no time to stay, the competitors ran into the cave at the sound of the horn. Only 8 remaining. They entered Smaug’s hall and began to climb the spiral steps that surrounded the cavernous cave.  As the competitors climbed, 2 young dwarfs in the back stumbled and a sickening crack was heard. All lay on the steps, holding their legs. The others pushed on. Finally all seven dwarfs reached the top of the mountain ringing the bell each once. The other cave entrance didn’t look good, emoting mossy and damp with an aura of evil. Not a good cave. 5 of the dwarfs journeyed into the tunnel with triumphant cries. Daothan thought about turning around, as he wasn’t strong enough to prevail. As he turned, he caught his foot in the snow. Wait… That’s no snow. He thought to himself. A wooden door was visible after some snow was kicked away.

He opened the door and dropped into a small, warm cave. A pass led down and to the left from the corner of the small cavern. Closing the trapdoor, Daothan started his way down the passage. A door marked the end of the warmth and the beginning of the damp cold passage. He prepared his bow and arrows and opened the door. He sneaked out, seeing that he was in the cave of the heirs, but surprisingly it was completely empty. Daothan heard shouts from farther up in the cave, he ran towards the noise of the fight. He found himself behind the heirs as they led their defense against the 2 remaining dwarfs at the other side of the battle.

As Daothan rushed in to help, the largest of the other two dwarfs turned to the other, and slammed his axe into the side of his helm, knocking the smaller dwarf to the floor. “No!” Daothan shouted! The bigger dwarf faced Daothan with a look of shock, and then anger. The Big dwarf grabbed an heir and charged towards the entrance of the cave. All of the heirs now faced Daothan, with looks of malice and murder in their eyes and  faces and even internal organs. They stopped though and began to howl, mourning for their friend, taken by the dwarf. Daothan was in a rage, and he turned towards the door leading to his secret passage and ran out towards the trapdoor. He was out for vengeance.


3 thoughts on “An Expected Journey: Chapter 10

  1. The 2 dwarfs that stumble sentence is a bit confusing. Consider removing “of the.”
    6 left. Finally all seven dwarfs (Did another dwarf join?)
    [Delete comment]

  2. Was my previous comment not received? Sorry if I did something foolish such not submitting the comment. I suggest you remove “of the” from the part about the two young dwarfs that stumble.

    “The others pushed on, 6 left. Finally all seven dwarfs reached the top”
    (Did another dwarf join them?)

    [Delete this comment]

    • George: Sorry…for some reason your previous comment escaped our notice. Perhaps it is your humble co-sponsor’s mountain of other email or increasing inability to see well. Your note is now noted. Btw…nice work by the band/orch/jazz band today! I’ll get to your requested change now.

      –co-sponsor with failing eyesight (probably from grading essays over the years)

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