Ender’s Game: A Review of Card’s Classic


By Sarah G.:

Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card takes place in the future and tells the tale of young Ender Wiggin forced by war to grow up to fast.

The messages of Ender’s Game are entwined into the plot very artfully. However, they are not very difficult to locate within the story. The first of these lessons is how humans use deception to obtain what they desire. Also, that people in power use the weak, unstable, and unknowing to take what they want. Scott Card portrays the men in authority as inhuman, through allowing them to ruin the virtue of countless young children. The messages of human choices and deception that are portrayed in the Ender’s Game made this book a timeless classic.

The product of rendering the adults as the wicked people in the book, Scott Card is able to create a kind of sympathy for Ender. This lets Scott Card make Ender appear courageous when he stands up for himself. When Ender does endure the bullying and hate in the story it is not out of courage, but it is the most logical option. So Ender is not a courageous individual, but a smart one. How the reader perceives the characters can give a lot of different messages.

Deception is the practice of purposely allowing somebody to believe things that are not true. The act of deception on other humans so you can get what you desire is a selfish act. People should work hard, and earn things. However many people have always used the weaknesses of others to their advantage.  People use the knowledge they have and that others lack to scam the unknowing. Deception is another way that Scott Card portrays the adults as the villains in the story.

In today’s society the affluent families and corporations manipulate the government. In the Ender’s Game there is a similar situation. Scott Card was indicating what this world’s society will transform into through his book. He expects the world to become a civilization where warriors are generated from the genes of parents so humans have the perfect fighting machine. A culture where the individuals in power have the ability to seize hundreds of adolescents and prepare them for a war that may never transpire. Throughout history the government has possessed the ability to draft young adults to participate in warfare. Humans have always have had disputes and conflict. Therefore, the draft system will be used again, which Scott Card had predicted, and indicated in Ender’s Game.

Scott Card seems to have a reasonable impression of human customs, which allows him to contribute an insightful opinion into the world of literature. Since Ender’s Game is Science Fiction expectations of its deeper meaning is less than other books in different genera’s.  However, Scott Card uses human philosophies, and history to produce a classic story that will withstand the tests of time. The book occurs in the future, and our forthcoming will unlikely follow the events of the Ender’s Game, allowing the book to always be unique.

In the Hunger Games a similar book, the controlling power known as the Capital uses the weakness and absence of information the districts have to gain the supplies they demand to live their luxuries life. This overpowering control connects to the adults in the Ender’s Game. The Capital in the Hunger Games uses deception on the citizen of the Capital deems the government as untouchable and superb. The people in jurisdiction in both books are evil, and the adults are regarded as merciless either through commanding that children murder each other for entertainment, or to steal youths from their families for war camp. Scott Card use of deception is more prominent than in the Hunger Games. Collins (the author of the Hunger Games) has other lessons she portrays. Overall Scott Card did a better job of presenting deception. Both use the quality of inexperience found in children to their benefit. The Ender’s Game and the Hunger Games are comparable because the authority manipulates individuals in a nearly identical fashion.

Orson Scott Card creates an intense Science Fiction story to present his ideas about were our society will culminate in if we continue to permit the rich, who have never worked in their life, to manage the world. Also how children are taught to respect their elders, the same applies to the adults respecting the young. Scott Card uses Ender Wiggin as an example of the tragedies of using others for your own benefit. He glances at what the world may become under extreme circumstances. The messages that are depicted in the books story mark Ender’s Game as a timeless A list book.


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