An Unexpected Journey Chap. 3

This is chapter three in the story, if you have not read the previous ones, you may find chapter one here:

And now: Chapter 3!!!

The tent was musty, old and damp.

“Nice place.” Symon jokingly whispered.

“Yes.” A voice cracked with effort responded.

“For no home is complete without it’s fair share of misfortune”

“The Mage of the East” Symon whispered in awe. The young human took a respectful seat on the


“Hah” The old Mage croaked.

“So they still think me worthy of praise”

“Why wouldn’t they?” Symon asked.

“All of us here have heard the stories. Mystical beasts, Gallant companions and Powerful magic.”

“Well before me I see one unheard of” he gestured to Oro.

“A fellow of both man and elf with magical knowledge” Oro was surprised, no one knew about

his Magical

Talents. Or so he had thought.

“Surprised boy? Your mind is like an open book, might want to close it before anybody reads to


The old man stood. He seemed stronger than only seconds before.

Come now, we travel west, to the land unexplored.


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journey Chap. 3

    • Oro’s ancestors were mostly human but in the previous generation, his father married an Elf. I’ll put more in on the heritage of the characters including what Oro’s best friend must live up to.

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