An Expected Journey Chap. 2

This is chapter two of the story. If you have not read chapter one, you may find it here:

And now: Chapter 2!!!

Oro walked into the village he had known for all his life. Knowing now that he soon would leave

it to follow his human friend on a foolish quest for the sake of questing.

“What have I gotten myself into?” He whispered under his breath. He was going to die out there.

“Who know’s where we are going?”

“Oro!!! I knew you would come through!!” Symon eagerly shouted from across the clearing

“Come? Yes. Join you? That is still debated.”

Acting like he hadn’t heard that Symon Continued:

“I just know he’ll pick us!!! Do you think you can do that… Lift a rock thingy??”

“You know I don’t use wizardry unless needed. You are the only person in the world who knows I

have skill with wizardry!”

“Please? For me?” He pleaded.

“No” Oro responded in a harsh tone. A man stepped out of the elder’s tent.

“The Mage will see you now.” He said opening the entrance to the tent. Oro took a deep breath.

It was time to meet the wizard.


2 thoughts on “An Expected Journey Chap. 2

    • Wizardry:
      (As stated by “The Free Dictionary”
      1. The art, skill, or practice of a wizard; sorcery.
      a. A power or effect that appears magical by its capacity to transform: computer wizardry.
      b. Great ability or adroitness in a pursuit: a pianist gifted with technical wizardry.

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