An Odd Happening in Alaska

This tale (Written by a student of Mr. Key at Jefferson MS) is a story in a new set. If this seems unfinished that is likely because of the time restraints that the students had to abide by. So without further ado: An Odd Happening in Alaska.

By: Celina H.

He lies in a field of mud. Strange plants are surrounding him as he tries to recall where he is and how he got there.  He closes his eyes and attempts to remember. As he opens his eyes again he looks up. He sees only blackness. There is a slight back and forth movement. And then he remembers. He knows where he is. He is on the ocean floor, looking up to where the surface is.  And as he closes his eyes once more, he gives up. He takes a deep breath, and is gone.

* Two weeks prior*

Jonathan Smith is new to the town of Petersburg, Alaska. He is 32 years old, no family, and no friends. Alone. But that was fine with him. He enjoyed the quiet, being by himself. That is why he moved to Petersburg. Not many people believe that, fresh air, being in nature, but not quite excluded from society, is paradise. Cold and rainy paradise, but still a form of it. Because Petersburg was a fishing community, Jonathan decided he needed a boat and fishing supplies.

After searching and waiting for quite a while, Jonathan finally got his boat. He already new how to drive a boat because his father was a fisherman. So he got it moved into the water and went for a drive. It went smooth across the water and soon he was daydreaming. He decided to anchor up. As he was lowering the anchor, he realized how deep the water was. Suddenly, the boat jerked to the right; Jonathan fell to the floor in shock. Not knowing what it was, he decided to pull up the anchor before anything bad happened.

He drove his boat into the harbor, still wondering what had happened out on the water. He blamed it on a large halibut that the anchor dropped on and the halibut pulled it when it fled. Jonathan knew that his excuse did not make sense but he could not think of another explanation. He walked the half a mile walk to his house on the water and put some water on the stove for tea and went to bed. As he was lying there, with drooping eyelids, he heard a strange noise outside on the side of the house that faced the water. It was a sound that he had never heard before. The only thing he could compare the noises to is that of a screaming baby that had the lungs of an opera singer. It was wails. A series of them going back and forth from many directions. Then the wailing stopped abruptly. Confused and tired, he fell asleep, dreaming of the strange happenings since arriving in Alaska.

Jonathan was up with the sun the next day looking for what may have been the source of the screeches. But he found nothing at all. He decided to go fishing to calm his thoughts. He gathered his things and walked to the harbor and onto his boat. He steered clear of the spot he was in the past day and anchored in a much more shallow place near a small island covered in trees and rock. He cast his fishing rod and started to reel it back in when he saw a figure move in the water below the boat. Curious, he put his rod in the holder and peered closer at the water. As it came closer, Jonathan’s heart began to speed up. Then the figure came up closer to the surface. Just as the dark figure began to surface, he heard the shriek from the night before. Looking over the other side of the first dark figure, he saw another. He put his hand in the water hoping to feel or grab the figure. But instead, it grabbed him. Panic in his eyes, he is pulled into the water. He can see nothing. Only dark figures hovering over him as he is dragged down deeper, and deeper. And he reaches the bottom. As he lies there, he finally sees them. Dark eyes, dark hair, and deep blue tails. Their teeth are sharp and pointed. And all goes dark.

He wakes up staring at the surface. Pain takes over and he gives up. He is gone.


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