A Quick Letter to the Writers of Tom & Jerry (the TV Show)

Here is a submission from JMS student Connor N.

This is a post in a series from JMS students in Mr. Key’s 8th grade class. If they seem too short, that is probably due to the fact that there was a time restraint. Please enjoy this creative writing post!!

Dear Creators:  

In your violent cartoons, why must Tom (The cat) always be the antagonist of the show? Have you even seen your own material? Of course you haven’t because if you had seen it you would have fixed it already. In all of the cartoons of this series that you have produced, Tom is always minding his own business drinking some milk or taking a nap. Typically doing what cats do as you stereotypically portray them.  Now here comes Jerry (the mouse), and guess what he does. He spills Tom’s milk.  He does something that disturbs or completely ends whatever Tom is enjoying at the moment. OK so maybe it was an accident.

When Tom is angered by Jerry’s continued inappropriate actions and chooses to defend himself, he loses. Now it seems to me that you are telling the young viewers of the show not to defend or stand up for themselves when they are being hurt or threatened because they will lose to the attacker. How does that reflect on you? Poorly I should say. I will give you credit for the few times where you get control of your senses and let the two be united at the end. That is when the show is actually enjoyable.

Now I do understand that it is a cartoon. Alas, the various stereotypes that you employ the make the show “better” are really not common stereotypes. The age-old feud between cat and mouse is a common one indeed and is very prominent amongst your cartoons. You show the cat though as an evil creature and one whose presence is not taken lightly. Have you ever even owned a cat? No I don’t believe so. If you had you would know that for many the cat is a warm welcome and gives people who cannot keep up with the energy of a dog some comfort. Mice are a different animal. They tear apart wiring in houses and cause all sorts o f unwanted trouble. This aspect of mice you very accurately bring forth in the show when Jerry displays these qualities as he interacts with Tom.

I am not biased for or against mice; rather I would like to stand up for Tom. A solution to this whole problem would be to have each character win every once and a while. The purpose of this would be to show the young viewers of the show that people will sometimes bother or anger you. Then you stand up for yourself and you may win and the person won’t continue to bother you (Tom wins). Sometimes you don’t win and the person continues to bother you (Jerry wins). You could use this show for a meaningful by secretly showing viewers the right way to handle things. Also having Tom win once and a while will put some variety into the show making it not as predictable as it is now.

In closing, let Tom win. It will benefit both you and your viewers because the viewers will secretly have been taught a lesson, the show will be funny, and you will have viewers coming back because for the first time ever they won’t get up when the show comes on because hey know Jerry will win.


-A concerned viewer.


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