Jefferson Advisory (Good, or Just a Waste of Time?)

Editor’s Note:  Students in Mr. Key’s Language Arts class recently completed a newspaper story assignment in which they covered a story concerning life at Jefferson MS.  Today’s story is another in a series that we will reprint here.    Enjoy!

By: Halla M.

Every Tuesday, the students and teachers of Jefferson Middle School go to various classrooms across campus to attend Advisory, a period between 2nd and 3rd made to prepare students for their futures. This sounds like a great thing being offered to these kids right? Yet the question remains:  Is advisory worth the time it takes off of other classes?

Ms. Suzanne Shelton, Jefferson’s great orchestra teacher certainly thinks so. She said the following in her interview:  “Advisory should teach students to be good citizens, to think critically about everything they do, and to think/plan/prep their future possibilities.”

Principal Pamela Meyer believes that “advisory has a distinct purpose in that the intent is to prepare students to present themselves as students, their future goals and plans and helps kids to hone their communication and self-advocacy.”

But according to Ms. Shelton, advisory is only useful if the students think it is- one cannot teach someone something they do not want to learn.

In response to the question, ‘Do you think advisory is worth the time it takes?’ Ms. Shelton replied that it should be perhaps 10 minutes shorter, then pondered “but do the Sixth Graders have enough time?”

She explained that while advisory is new to the Sixth Graders, the Seventh and Eighth Graders have advisory before;  therefore, they have plans already from their previous year, or years, in Advisory.

Ms. Meyer, shares similar views, saying,

“If it were solely up to me, I would assure that every student had at least one adult in the school to whom they could to turn to help with school related issues or even personal dilemmas. I really believe that every student should have one adult looking out for them, a liaison even, to talk to other teachers about academic issues, social issues regarding a certain student. This adult would be interested in the students’ continued success in school and would not allow failure.”

While Ms. Shelton thought advisory could be slightly shorter, Principal Meyer remarks, “I like our advisory schedule at Jefferson because we use it when we need to, even if for assemblies. I think that every class meets for 45-48 minutes on Advisory Schedule, so we have allowed sufficient academic time for every class so teachers have time with kids even when we are operating on this alternative schedule.”

With the opinions of two Jefferson employees in mind, the decision shall be left to us, the students of Jefferson Middle School.


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