Editor’s Note:  Students in Mr. Key’s Language Arts class recently completed a newspaper story assignment in which they covered a story concerning life at Jefferson MS.  Today’s story is another in a series that we will reprint here.    Enjoy!

By: Alma D.

Jefferson Middle School is known as one of the best schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jefferson accepted many transfer students this year. “We accepted over 400 transfers this year at Jefferson Middle School,” says Pamela Mayer, the princaple of Jefferson Middle School. With more and more transfers being accepted the classes grow bigger and bigger. “I heard there was a class of 44 students in one classroom,” says Solana H., a student at Jefferson. “You get less attention when there’s bigger classes and that means less education,” says Veronica D., a parent of a Jefferson jet. “Some of my classes are so full that they don’t even have enough desks for each student in the classroom, you can hardly walk down the hall without getting bumped into by a little sixth grader. It’s very frustrating,” says Skye D. Not only are the classrooms being overfilled with students, but the busses students take to and from school provided by APS have all reached capacity. All the busses have 64 kids to pick up and drop off everyday at over 5 different stops. “The busses are crowded, sometimes we even have to fit three students to a seat. Everyone is so packed into the busses I get claustrophobic, and I’m not even claustrophobic,” Skye D. says, a regular bus passenger on one of the busses provided by Jefferson Middle School to get her to and from school. Many parents are complaining about the overcrowded classes and busses. Many parents are also complaining about the pick up and drop off area at Jefferson. Since there are more transfer students this year, there are more parents taking their kids to school and dropping them off because their families live too far away to walk,  bike, or take a bus there.

Many parents suggest that there should be more teachers so there are less students in each classroom, but unfortunately Albuquerque Public Schools are on a tight budget this year and cannot afford any more teaching positions. Others suggest all the children go to the school that is in their district. That means no accepting transfers. Many would argue with this opinion, but we will have to see how Albuquerque Pubic Schools responds to over crowded schools in order to find the solution.

Word Count; 380


Horoscopes for 10-15-12

Hello Jeffersonianers!!! Welcome to another episode of: It’s The Horoscope!! With your host: Jimmy!!!! This is another prediction week thanks to all the great comments we had about the Horoscope of the Grand Unicorn Hunt! But wait there is more!!! Now you can leave us comments telling us what you want predicted!!!! (Just go to the comment thingy at the bottom and leave your request). This is exiting and it means that I’ll have to work twice as hard on working out what to say!!!! yay… (Soft crying). We’ll pick one lucky topic every single week, at least non-break weeks. So be sure to comment!

This week special feature: We see an election in your future. (sorry these are a week late!)

Taurus: This week you will: Follow your friends to New York city!! You will text all your friends about a zillion times about the beauty and fashion the city has to offer. And you won’t even watch the debates on a TV.

Gemini:  This week you will go to the debate with your friends and state that: “The Democrats seem to like this Obama guy and the Republicans seem to prefer Romney” This comment encouraging whispers of Captain obvious.

Cancer: This week you will go to New York and protest in the “Occupy Wall-street camp” then you will watch the debate in the nice insulated debate hall and loathe it… Man.

Leo: You will go to the debate strictly to find out if any of the candidates have policies regarding unicorn ownership.

Virgo: This week you will try and stop Leo from jumping over the balcony in the debate hall to ask about Unicorn ownership regulation.

Libra: This week: You will try to burn down the Empire State Building before discovering that it is made of glass and cannot be burned.

Scorpio: This week you will predict that Gemini’s statement on the candidates is true, and you will be correct.

Sagittarius: This week: You will harvest pure sugar for more than 79 hours straight under the water next to the statue of liberty. And yet again it is stolen by a spidercrab.

Capricorn: This week: You will yell in your hotel room about hotel room prices, sit quietly through the debate and then freak out about it after.

Aquarius: This week: You will go to the debate to see how much money you can get from selling fake tickets to people wanting to get in.

Pisces: This week: You will almost yell at the top of your voice during the debate in order to: “Get some Freakin’ attention!!”

Aries: This week you will: Be sincerely interested in the debate but you will not be able to hear or see anything due to the fact that: You had to stop Pisces from screaming, halt Aquarius’ mass production of fake tickets and whisper under your breath: “Please let it end, seriously we are done here!”

The Beyond

Editors:  One in a continuing series of stories created during a classroom assignment here at Jefferson.  Enjoy!

By: Rieanna B.

There always has to be something wrong on this earth. There is never a good thing that goes on. That is why I don’t watch the news any more. Things in the world have been completely and utterly horrifying. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. Earth is now under attack. There is something out there in the space we call “The Beyond”, and we all have no idea what it is or might be.

We have been under attack for the past few days and the bombings haven’t stopped yet.  This bombing has wiped out almost if not all people, I am afraid that I am the only one left. I have no more family left. I watched them get killed by the bombs and crazy aircraft that looked like space shuttles. I watched them lie on the floor bleeding to death and all I did was run. What is wrong with me? Was it that I couldn’t handle seeing them, and was there was really nothing I could have done to save them? I have these nightmares where I see my family die over and over again. I can’t sleep most nights because of these vivid, horrifying dreams.

I now live in a cellar where I was when the bombing started. All I heard at night was the screams and howls of people getting killed and suffering. I couldn’t do anything. I was frozen in place hearing the shooting of the world just crumbling above me.

When the bombing had actually moved away from my area, I went outside surrounded by dead bodies covered in blood. I was in awe. I couldn’t understand who… No, what was doing this or why it was, but I believe the thing that is destroying my earth, is here to wipe out the entire population. It already has killed everything that I love and everyone that I know and that really infuriated me. I wanted revenge. I wanted to stop whatever this thing was and find people.

I woke up, startled by my nightmare. Again. I seem to wake up at exactly the same time. 1:23am every morning. I got up and got my flash light and started looking at maps of the sky. I always was very fascinated with the solar system and how it worked. But I was really looking for some logical reason to what is really attacking us. I look at the stars and chart brighter ones and ones that have a slightly different color then all the rest to see if there really is another planet out there in space that had living things on it. But by now has become very obvious to me that there is something out there that is doing all his damage. After  a while, I got up and went outside to see what was happening now. Everything that surrounded me was dead. Everything was on fire and there was no little hint of any life out there. But as I started to walk back inside, I heard a rustling noise. I got my gun right by the door and was prepared for anything. As I looked closer though, it seemed to be an animal of some sort. It was bleeding profusely. I went over to it and it was covered all in blood and was whimpering. From what I was looking at it was a German Sheppard. I slung my gun over my shoulder and picked up the bloody dog and brought him inside.

I place the dog on the mat resting on my table and saw that it was hit some sort of acid, because I could here the burning of flesh. I got a bucket of water and a sponge to at least try to wash off the blood. As I started to do so the dog started howling because of all the pain. I started to coo and tell the dog it was going to be alright.

“ It’s alright, you will be fine just hang in there.”

As soon as I started talking to the dog, it stopped whimpering and look right into my eyes and was calm. When I was done washing the dog off, there was a big wound on its leg. I went over to my cupboard and got a wrap with some of the Little antibiotics I had left and put them on the dog. I put it back down on the floor and just watched what it did. All the dog did was lay there and be miserable. I guess I would be pretty miserable to if I was in same situation. I went and got a book and sat down by the dog and gently stoked my hand down her back and she was starting to fall asleep. I really couldn’t read my book. I had to much on my mind. As I started thinking more and more I decided that I couldn’t just leave this dog out there by itself, so I decided to give it a name. I decided that the name of the dog would be my mothers name, Sam. When I looked at Sam again I know that she was going to be with me for a really really long time and I was going to really enjoy her company.

An Odd Happening in Alaska

This tale (Written by a student of Mr. Key at Jefferson MS) is a story in a new set. If this seems unfinished that is likely because of the time restraints that the students had to abide by. So without further ado: An Odd Happening in Alaska.

By: Celina H.

He lies in a field of mud. Strange plants are surrounding him as he tries to recall where he is and how he got there.  He closes his eyes and attempts to remember. As he opens his eyes again he looks up. He sees only blackness. There is a slight back and forth movement. And then he remembers. He knows where he is. He is on the ocean floor, looking up to where the surface is.  And as he closes his eyes once more, he gives up. He takes a deep breath, and is gone.

* Two weeks prior*

Jonathan Smith is new to the town of Petersburg, Alaska. He is 32 years old, no family, and no friends. Alone. But that was fine with him. He enjoyed the quiet, being by himself. That is why he moved to Petersburg. Not many people believe that, fresh air, being in nature, but not quite excluded from society, is paradise. Cold and rainy paradise, but still a form of it. Because Petersburg was a fishing community, Jonathan decided he needed a boat and fishing supplies.

After searching and waiting for quite a while, Jonathan finally got his boat. He already new how to drive a boat because his father was a fisherman. So he got it moved into the water and went for a drive. It went smooth across the water and soon he was daydreaming. He decided to anchor up. As he was lowering the anchor, he realized how deep the water was. Suddenly, the boat jerked to the right; Jonathan fell to the floor in shock. Not knowing what it was, he decided to pull up the anchor before anything bad happened.

He drove his boat into the harbor, still wondering what had happened out on the water. He blamed it on a large halibut that the anchor dropped on and the halibut pulled it when it fled. Jonathan knew that his excuse did not make sense but he could not think of another explanation. He walked the half a mile walk to his house on the water and put some water on the stove for tea and went to bed. As he was lying there, with drooping eyelids, he heard a strange noise outside on the side of the house that faced the water. It was a sound that he had never heard before. The only thing he could compare the noises to is that of a screaming baby that had the lungs of an opera singer. It was wails. A series of them going back and forth from many directions. Then the wailing stopped abruptly. Confused and tired, he fell asleep, dreaming of the strange happenings since arriving in Alaska.

Jonathan was up with the sun the next day looking for what may have been the source of the screeches. But he found nothing at all. He decided to go fishing to calm his thoughts. He gathered his things and walked to the harbor and onto his boat. He steered clear of the spot he was in the past day and anchored in a much more shallow place near a small island covered in trees and rock. He cast his fishing rod and started to reel it back in when he saw a figure move in the water below the boat. Curious, he put his rod in the holder and peered closer at the water. As it came closer, Jonathan’s heart began to speed up. Then the figure came up closer to the surface. Just as the dark figure began to surface, he heard the shriek from the night before. Looking over the other side of the first dark figure, he saw another. He put his hand in the water hoping to feel or grab the figure. But instead, it grabbed him. Panic in his eyes, he is pulled into the water. He can see nothing. Only dark figures hovering over him as he is dragged down deeper, and deeper. And he reaches the bottom. As he lies there, he finally sees them. Dark eyes, dark hair, and deep blue tails. Their teeth are sharp and pointed. And all goes dark.

He wakes up staring at the surface. Pain takes over and he gives up. He is gone.