The Avocado, The Boy, and the Dream: The Weekly Daily

Editor’s Note:  Students in Mr. Key’s Language Arts class recently completed a newspaper story assignment in which they covered a story concerning life at Jefferson MS.  Today’s story is another in a series that we will reprint here.    Enjoy!

By: Ben H.

The Weekly Daily is a non-profit student run newspaper founded and mainly operated by Jefferson MS 8th Grader George L.. The Weekly Daily was founded on January 6th, 2012, in an incident involving a tragically stolen avocado.

Every Friday, students at Jefferson are delighted to get the latest publication of The Weekly Daily. The paper is a sarcastic and humorous publication that informs students about current events at Jefferson. It also educates students about products like the Pencil Shield, an invention which helps keep a pencil point sharp and is eco-friendly.

Jefferson’s 8th Grade Language Arts teacher, Mr. Key, said in an interview that The Weekly Daily is “one of the best things to come out of the JMS community in years.”  Key also said “The more satire/humor ‘zines the better…”

Unlike the Jeffersonian, Jefferson’s online blog, the hard copy edition of The Weekly Daily is the most popular way to read the publication.  On most Fridays, readers can find George, and other employees at The Weekly Daily passing around the latest Weekly Daily.

However, access to a printer has always been an important issue at the newspaper. Every Friday, the number of hard copy editions of The Weekly Daily slowly diminishes as accessible resources disappear. When asked why George had not joined the Jeffersonian in becoming an online publication, he replied, “I don’t object to publishing The Weekly Daily online, but it wouldn’t be the same without a paper copy.”

The founders of The Weekly Daily will all be graduating from Jefferson Middle School soon, come May 2013. With all their influence at Jefferson,  enturing to AHS (Albuquerque High School), who will run The Weekly Daily? George’s response to the situation was “I’m still looking for an ambassador, but The Weekly Daily will be at AHS too.”

While that may be great news for the 8th graders at Jefferson who are also going to AHS, some people believe the incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will have a hard life living without the publication at Jefferson. Henry H. (a 6th grader at Jefferson) thinks, “a lot of the humor that comes from the students will be lost.”  However, Henry H. has a vision that he could run the Jefferson division of The Weekly Daily. In this way, ther may still be a glimmer of satiric hope for the future.


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