Bike Overcrowding at JMS Runs Against “The Bone Yard”

Editor’s Note:  Students in Mr. Key’s Language Arts class recently completed a newspaper story assignment in which they covered a story concerning life at Jefferson MS. Today’s story is another in a series that we will reprint here.    Enjoy!

By: Eli B.

The Jefferson Middle School bike rack is located on the outside of the main administration office.  Over the past year, the number of students who ride their bikes to school has grown tremendously. It seems that more and more people who live near Jefferson are riding their bikes to school.

Many students are worried about getting their bikes stolen. The bicycle rack is so full that students have been forced to lock their bikes against the chain link fence surrounding the area. This can be very dangerous, as the thin chain link fence can be cut very easily, while the thick poles of the bike rack cannot be cut. “I have to leave my house earlier than usual, just to get a spot to lock up my bike,” says Graham G., a JMS student who rides his bike to school daily.

Another problem with locking up your bike in the bike rack is that the area is also used as a junkyard. Teachers throw broken chairs, tables, computers, keyboards, and even the occasional sofa where students have to lock up their bikes. Sometimes students are unable to reach their bike simply due to the amount of junk blocking the path.  Students even have a nickname for the bike rack because of this problem, they call it “The Bone Yard.”

“I think they need to get more of a bike rack,” says Trey W..  He rides his bike to school about 3 times a week. “I think they can put it (another bike rack) right next to that one (the current bike rack).”

Principal Pam Meyer responded by email, saying, “our bike racks were sufficient last year and up to now this year. If bike parking/locking continues to be a problem, we will request another bike rack.”

Frequent JMS bike-commuting 8th Grader Somiya D. sums up the current situation thoroughly, saying  “many students believe that a second bike rack would be a good idea. There are two main problems with the current situation. The first is that there is not enough space at the bike rack. Because of this, students have to leave their house early just to find an available space. The second problem is that students lock their bikes up to the thin chain link fence because there is not enough room on the regular bike rack. The bike rack is meant for people to lock up their bikes securely. “Until a new bike rack is installed, the bicyclists will just have to make do.”

The Jeffersonian hopes to have more information on this issue as the school year unfolds.


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