Sixth Grade Adjustments Challenge Many

Editor’s Note:  Students in Mr. Key’s Language Arts class recently completed a newspaper story assignment in which they covered a story concerning life at Jefferson MS. Today’s story is the second in a series that we will reprint here.    Enjoy!

By Julia W.

Another year begins for most of us mighty Jets at Jefferson Middle School with the lovely addition of bite-size 6th graders.  Running around trying to find classes, overwhelmed learning how to “fit in” with everyone else, and adjusting to a new style of education, the 6th Graders at Jefferson are a work-in-progress.  We’ve all been there.  How have these 6th graders been living up to the middle school potential so far?

“Teachers have been helping me to my classes,” 6th grader Brenna W. says with excitement on her second week at Jefferson.  She says “teachers have been very welcoming, making my first few days easier than I expected.”

Adjusting to six classes is a challenge, although many students have different opinions about the switch.  Brenna W. believes switching classes every hour is super fun.  She walks in the hallways with a bright smile on her face.  “I love all my classes.  Learning is so fun in Middle School.”  Still, not all middle school students are as enthusiastic as Brenna.

Teachers at Jefferson have been known to keep the school spirit alive while also  keeping the students safe. When starting at Jefferson, we learn quickly about the popular “Be an Ally” anti-bullying initiative through posters all over the school.  It is a motto we honor.  Do all students adhere to this motto by keeping each other safe and welcoming new students to the best of their abilities?

“Some kids were kinda rude to me.  It made my first week difficult,” a shy, unnamed new 6th grader said.  “No one really talked to me the first couple of days.”  Getting out of bed knowing that one has to go somewhere where nobody knows one’s name is a dreadful feeling. “I miss being able to talk to my friends,” this unnamed 6th Grader continued, ” I think that is one thing middle school has been the hardest in.”

Many other 6th Graders have gone through the same experience as this youngster.  Nevertheless, this same 6th Grader now sits at lunch with her five new friends giggling about things that go on in their classes.  6TH Graders seem to be learning quickly about the ways throughout Jefferson, some quicker than others.  It’s good to know that all of them can be comfortable around the student body.  Hopefully, the 6th Graders will have a successful year and enjoy the rest of their middle school career.  JMS 7th/8th Graders can help by letting our new Jets know what a friendly group of students we are.


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