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Horoscopes for the Week of Monday, 8.27.12

I once asked myself. If the horoscope group had a city, what would it be? But then I realized that they would  all have different cities. And so the stars bring you:  The many cities of the horoscope! (cue echo sound effect)

Taurus: Have you Guys ever been to Paris?  Cause the stars tell me that I will go to Paris someday!!! I Love Paris!!!

Gemini: Paris??  Seriously?  Little cliche don’t you think?  Lets see here… My stars say that I will go to… London?  Huh?  Well I guess our theme for the day is cities.

Cancer: What? Reno? That’s cool. I mean. Yeah. Reno.

Leo: What is San Francisco???  Do they have unicorns there?

Virgo: No Leo. They don’t have unicorns. Lets see I got… is that Venice, Italy? Well I do like pizza.

Libra: Huh… Chimera, Turkey? Home of the everlasting flame? Sounds like my kind of place.

Scorpio:  WHOA!  I got a place in Delphi, Greece?   Home of the hippie and the oracle! Yes!  Someone realizes my talent!

Sagittarius: Hmmmmm… Brussels. The chocolate capital of the world!!!  Capricorn please can we go please!!??

Capricorn: No, Sagittarius no. We don’t want another sugar rush like last week. What? I need to read my city? Fine… Berlin.  What?

Aquarius: So Beijing huh? The Money I could make… Hahahahah!

Pisces: The city of shouting people. New York, New York. Seems about right.

Aries: Wow for once Pisces is calm. Anyway. Los Angeles is mine. The city of showbiz huh?  Kay… Well I hoped you enjoyed that cause that’s a wrap! Bye

THE BOOK Prolouge.


Long ago in a place and time that is fairly close to now. There lived a thing called a book. This book was filled with amazing stories

and people loved it. It lived happily in a place called a library. But then one day a man named George Lucas walked into town. He

laughed at the puny book and came up with a completely new idea! A book with pictures that would take place in space a long long

time ago. And People left The book’s library and went to the movies to watch people slice each-other apart with swords of light.

And after a long period of time with no people to read the book. The book decided to do one last thing. The book changed all the

words in itself to make the one and only best book in the universe. And so here at the Jeffersonian from the ruins of an ancient

library we found this story. And we now begin to transcribe the book itself to you. Now you have a choice to read the book for

yourself and make a choice. A simple choice that could decide the future of mankind. TV or Books? lets find out.
                             THE BOOK.

The Trojan Horse that is the Republican Presidential Candidate.

by:  X

(Editor’s Note:  The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author, and not necessarily those of any other humans (adults or non-adults) at Jefferson Middle School.  Eventually we will get tired of telling you this, and hope that you already knew this to be true.  But for now,  just making sure everyone is straight about it.

As noted in “The Bugle Podcast” (http://thebuglepodcast.com/), Since 2000, the Republican Party has been using a rather strange strategy. What started with the Bush/Cheney presidential run has evolved into a strategy they still use today. With the Bush/Cheney ticket came this strategy: Take a nice, friendly- seeming person, with a perfectly clean record and make them the Presidential candidate. Then you take the person who expresses what you really believe, and run him for Vice-President.

Take Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and now: Paul Ryan. In my opinion these Vice-Presidents (candidates and/or actual office-holders) are the Republican extremists and they have served Presidents who are less right-wing. That’s just my opinion, you don’t have to believe anything I say. Or even agree!

Thanks just for reading! Editorial, *Op-Eds and assorted news stories come out on Tuesdays now!!!  If you’re a Jefferson student interested in writing an “Op-Ed,” drop us a column.  We’ll be sure to get back to you about possible publication.  Really!

*If you don’t know what “Op-Ed” means, it’s a column expressing an opinion that would be placed “opposite” the editorials in a hard-copy newspaper.