Look out DOMA!

Earlier this week, North Carolina changed their state Constitution to ban same sex marriage.  For quite a long time gay marriage has been a topic that is the setting  for epic political battles.  Should we legalize gay marriage or keep the “traditional” marriage of one man and one woman?  The Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA for short,  has been in place for several years and it defines marriage as the traditional definition.  Supporters of DOMA have been fighting to keep DOMA in place but now, after years of argument, DOMA has a reason to be afraid.

Obama has officially announced that he supports gay marriage.  Since Obamas’ election in 2008, he has chosen to remain neutral on the legalization of gay marriage.  But now he has come out and shown his support after the outrage of North Carolina’s decision to ban it.  This is a huge political risk for Obama.  He may lose many supporters because people believe that strongly in this issue.   But he will also gain many supporters, that have been waiting for him to make a statement on this issue.  This means that if Obama is reelected in office in November that he will be pushing for repeal of DOMA.

Obama’s political opponent, Mitt Romney, has made it very clear that he does not support gay marriage.  Romney is very open about his distaste for gay marriage and has plans to, if elected, appoint an attorney general that will defend DOMA and do everything in his power to prevent DOMA from being repealed.  Obama’s announcement just adds to the ever growing pile of differences between Obama and Romney.

Obama’s announcement is a huge step forward in the fight for gay marriage.  It could mean that some day in the near future gays will be allowed to marry.  Obama took a huge risk, but I’m glad that he finally did.  There are many problems in the government that will be argued in this upcoming election.  Gay marriage is a very important issue, it has caused many battles between Republicans and Democrats.  Since Obama is taking a stand about this issue, with any luck, DOMA won’t be around much longer.



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