Lion’s Pizza: Part X

Editor’s Note: Here’s where you kind find the previous parts: Part IX

Fletcher took me to a lake.  This lake was unlike anything that I have ever seen.  It was pitch black.  There were wisps of white swirling around in it.  The wisps had faces in them.  It was a lake of souls.  All the souls looked like they were in extreme pain.  There were hundreds of them.  I gasped at it.  How am I supposed to react to this?  This place was horrible.  How did Fletcher think this would make me feel better?  All it did was make me want to curl up and sleep.  I stared at it as Fletcher wrapped his arms around my waist.  His chin rested on my shoulder.

“What is this?” I asked.

“It’s the Lake of lost loves.  It is where people that have died for ones that don’t love them back go when they die.  It’s where you’ll go when you die,” He whispered.

“Oh, why would you bring me here?” I asked now really wanting to leave.   This is where I was going to go when I die? Aren’t I already dead?  What is going on?

“I thought you should see your kingdom.  Although technically your still alive eventually you will have to die and when you do you’ll rule here.  You’ll be the queen and I’ll be the king.  We’ll rule together,” He said.  I turned to face him.  I’m the queen of the lake of lost loves. I felt myself wonder if this was all just some crazy dream or maybe I had just gone insane and this was all some hallucination.  Fletcher chuckled.  “You’re not crazy this is all real.  Don’t worry.  It’s all real just wait until you die and we’ll be together forever.”

I opened my mouth to say something but his lips beat me to it.  He was kissing me.  There was a stiff breeze that blew and I flinched, pulling away.  I looked around and saw a very ticked off Sam.  He was in his demon form and there was a snarl forming on his lips.  He stormed towards us.

“I can’t believe this!  I thought you would come around and you would be mine!  But no!  Every single time I want something Fletcher is there to take it away from me!  You’re going to pay for this! “Sam yelled.  He raised his hand and something that looked a lot like lightning shot from his hand strait towards Fletcher.  I wasn’t thinking and I instinctively moved in front of him and adsorbed the blow.  I was on my back  and pain was searing through me.  I twitched involuntarily.  My vision started to get really blurry ad the edges were turning black.   Both Sam and Fletcher swore. Suddenly everything was numb and I felt a slight buzz in my head.  I knew what this was.  I was dieing…

The last thing I saw was Fletcher and Sam leaning over me.  Tears were flowing freely from Fletcher’s eyes.  I had made the devils son cry.  Then everything went black and I was gone.


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