Weekly Rant 4/10/2012: People Who Hate Easter


Easter was last Sunday.  And let me tell you something, I love Easter.  I am probably the only 14 year old who still gets excited a week before Easter, but I do.  In my mind, Easter is like a mini Christmas. Except there is no cold or tree.  On Easter morning you get to wake up to a basket full of candy and a few items that you have been begging your parents to get you for months!  Then you get to find Easter eggs all over your backyard(Or watch your sister find them.)  You get so much chocolate that you could go into a chocolate coma, and not be able to think straight for hours.  Yes, I know that the Easter Bunny doesn’t fill my Easter basket up, but it’s still pretty exciting.  My idea of the Easter Bunny was shattered when I was seven by one of the older kids at my elementary school.  But, I still kept loving Easter.  I understand that some people had that earth shattering realization that the Easter Bunny wasn’t real, and it just made them hate Easter because the only really magic it held for them was the giant bunny that snuck into your room at night and brought you little presents.  But the people who hate Easter just because, those are the people I am ranting about.

Some people may be angry with me, but I celebrate the Hallmark Easter.  Not the “Jesus died for us” Easter.  So, I really don’t know the religious meanings behind Easter, but I do know that you cannot hate Easter.  Many people that are my age hate Easter.  Maybe it is anger at their parents lying to them for the first eight years of their life’s, or maybe because Easter means spending time with family, and not many teenagers like that.  Easter is wonderful though!  You get presents, candy, and (maybe it’s just me) but I really love scavenger hunts, and an Easter egg hunt is exactly like that.  Everything is so colorful.  Easter may have a lot of toned down, pastel colors, but lately I have seen a bunch of bright, almost neon colors in many Easter themed things.

Another great part of Easter is coloring eggs.  Boiling the eggs is boring, but putting the little colored tablets in vinegar, and watch them fizz is always fun.  Then you get to stick eggs in the colors, and try to make one egg ten different colors without making it a gross brown.  Usually at least three eggs end up brown, but the rest look as pretty as a four year old and a artistically challenge 14 year old can make.  You get dye all over your hands, but in the end its fun!

So what’s not to like about Easter?  You get presents, candy, a fun scavenger hunt, and to make pretty colored eggs.  It is defiantly not as exciting as Christmas, but really, it’s pretty exciting for only getting a little bit of publicity. So dear haters of Easter, I ask you why?  How could you hate something as fun as Easter?


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