Lion’s Pizza Part VIII

Editor’s Note: All the other parts can be found here in Lion’s Pizza Part VII. Knock yourself out!

The next day Fletcher left me to my own devices.  I wish he hadn’t.  I wondered through the huge house enjoying the high ceilings and stunning paintings that looked like originals.  Most of the depicted the nine circles of hell.  There was one particularly that I liked.  It was Fletcher dressed in eighteenth century attire.  He had a look of pure evil in his eyes. Beside him stood Sam in demon form.  They both had devilish smirks on their faces.  Around them fire rained from the sky and bodies piled up carelessly.  There was a spatter of blood on both of their shirts.  For once Fletcher and Sam looked like brothers.  The painting was like a family photo of them.  The family from hell.  I wasn’t sure how long I stared at it but it must have been a while.  I’d found it just after breakfast and I had stood staring at until a maid told me it was time for lunch.  After I ate I went back to the hall and saw that it was gone.  Instead there was a picture of Mary Antoinette getting beheaded.  Where had it gone?  I was positive that it had been there.  The painting surrounding it were the same.  With a great sigh I decided to go out in the yard.

All the grass was dead and yellowing.  I walked around and found a broken swing set.  It had two seats that were uneven.  The legs of it were weak looking and one leg was completely gone.  It looked like a screaming metal death trap.  But I was attracted to it.   I wanted to know the story of it.  Where were the children that had swung on it once?  Were they dead out in the cornfield?  Or perhaps they were  chained in the basement begging for death?  I fingered one of the chains and watched the rust fall off and float to the ground.  I sat on one of the swings and to my surprise it didn’t break or fall.  I closed my eyes and pushed myself back and forth.

“Violet!”  A voice screamed.  I opened my eyes and found I was no longer at the mansion.  The scarlet sky was reaplaced by a beautiful blue and the grass was alive.  The mansion was gone and a simple country house stood in it’s place.  The sun was shining and it was warm.  Where was I?  I looked for the voice that had called my name.  I saw a girl run past me and jump onto the swing beside me.  The swing set was fixed now and looked brand new.  She smiled at me.

“Sam’s looking for you,”  She told me.  She had frizzy red hair.  There was a h0le where her front teeth were missing.  She was adorable.   She had a purple dress that fluttered in the wind as she pushed herself on the swing.

“Do you know where this is?”  I asked her.

“This is Sam’s part of hell, silly.  He really wants to talk to you.  He’s around back,”  She told me and continued to swing. Please excuse the pun but why the hell am I in Sam’s part of hell?  I walked around back and there was Sam sitting on the back porch with a glass of dark red liquid.  I kept telling myself it was wine, even though I knew very well it was blood.   He smiled at me.  He was in his human form.  He looked so normal and friendly.

“Violet, how nice of you to join me.  How are you?” He asked, offering me a glass filled with thecrimson liquid.  I shook my head.

“I’m fine. Why am I here?” I asked. His smile slipped for a second but returned just as fast.

“I wanted to talk to you.  We haven’t seen each other in a few days,”  He said.

“The last time I saw you I had just learned that my mother sold my soul to you as well as my best friend had sold my soul as well and you want to talk?” I snapped.

“Violet, you have to understand that was just business.”

“Just business?  That was my soul!  I had a happy life ahead of me and now I’m stuck here for the rest of my life.  That is not just business!!” I bellowed.  How can he just act like it was nothing?

“Don’t raise you voice with me!”  Sam barked.

“I’ll do whatever I want!  I’m already in hell!  It can’t get much worse!” Then I did something that I really regretted.  I slapped him hard across the cheek.  Suddenly I was back at the mansion. the swing set was gone.   I stormed into the house and up to my room.  The picture of Fletcher and Sam was sitting on my wall with a note on it.

I saw you looking at it and thought you might want to keep it in here.


I pulled the picture and threw it out the window and proceeded to trash my room.  This my friends is what we call Violet having a meltdown about being in hell…


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