All the Parts to Lion’s Pizza!

Part I The part that started it all…

Part II The sequel…

Part III The part that surprised even me…

Part IV I am aware that the title is slightly different but this is the correct Roman numeral…

Part V Yes there are a lot of parts…

Part VI If your still reading I thank you!

Part VII Even I wonder how I am still writing…

Part VIII I wonder how it will end…

Part IX  Winding down living in hell!!

Part X It’s almost the end!



Book Review: The Hound of the Baskervilles

Tessa M.

            The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Arthur Conan Doyle, is a classic Sherlock Holmes case involving the murder of Sir Charles Baskerville, the resident of Baskerville Hall.  Sir Charles’ family is supposedly cursed by an enormous, supernatural black hound who is destined to kill the family heir.  And indeed, Sir Charles dies mysteriously with the footprints of a large dog found near his body.  As the mystery unwinds and Sherlock Holmes continues to amaze the reader with his sleuthing skills, it is clear that danger will continue to follow the next resident of Baskerville Hall, Sir Henry Baskerville. It is also clear that everyone is a suspect in Sir Charles’ death.

The book is a simple 255 pages, but so filled to the brim with detail and thought that it somehow seems longer.  Doyle’s vocabulary and ease at making the smallest detail a compliment to the mystery keep one attentive and intrigued.  This is not the sort of book which one may simply dose off as they read, for it requires complete attention.  Doyle chooses Dr. Watson, often seen as Holmes’ sidekick, as narrator.  He continuously expresses how Watson admires Holmes and hopes to impress his good friend and teacher by solving the case.

The characters, who are almost all suspects, are incredibly important to the story line and the solving of the case.  As with all mystery novels, both false and true identities are placed on the suspects as they are investigated, so Doyle allows the reader to come up with their own conclusions until he reveals the truth himself.  Each character has an alibi, whether true or false, which add to the mystery.

Supernatural beings and the superstitions that go along with them are a big part of The Hound of the Baskervilles.  With the possibility of a hell-born creature being responsible for the killing, Doyle is able to change some of Holmes’ and Watson’s tactics as they work on the case, adding a thought to the reader of whether the case is better left unsolved.  However, because mystery novels often involve supernatural beings that are really just covers for the all too human culprit, the reader may quickly decipher that there is much more to the story than ghosts or demon dogs.

As for superstitions and folk tales, the book opens up with the tale of the Baskerville curse and, as one reads, it is clear most members of the town take it quite seriously.  However, a few find the tale foolish, but are still wary of giving a confident explanation of certain events.

One of the true meanings of the book is that a greedy person will go through harms way in order to get what they crave.  Greed can change a person entirely.  It can overcome all emotions and thoughts, manipulating ones ability to perceive what is right and wrong.  Overall, it can make a person do horrible things, which they might not have done if greed was not flowing through their veins.

Another meaning of the book, which is often present in mystery novels, is that a person’s crimes follow them to the end of the earth and that in do time, karma will take its toll.  In the end, one doesn’t get anywhere by lying, cheating, killing, stealing, etc.  This is often shown when the “bad guy” of the story is caught and all is well, but in this day in age, one is not so naive.  People lie and cheat every day to get what they want, which seems to have become something of the norm.  The definition of man has been warped and twisted to such an extent that one does not know what kind of idiotic monster it could become if it has not already.

As evolution has taken place it’s become more and more difficult to decipher right from wrong.  Sometimes it seems the only option is to lie or cheat, or in other words, why tell the truth and face the punishment when one could lie and force the blame on someone or something else?  It’s quite odd how easy it can be for a society to manipulate a person into doing the exact opposite of their natural instinct.  So much has changed since the beginning of time that it’s hard to know exactly when the human race was better off, or if they are even headed in that direction.  Such questions are almost impossible to answer, so perhaps it’s best to leave it at that.

The Hound of the Baskervilles is an A-list book, because it is very well written and detailed to such an extent that one must give the author their complete attention.  Also, the true meanings expressed in it allow the reader to think and relate to what happens in the real world.


Lion’s Pizza: Part X

Editor’s Note: Here’s where you kind find the previous parts: Part IX

Fletcher took me to a lake.  This lake was unlike anything that I have ever seen.  It was pitch black.  There were wisps of white swirling around in it.  The wisps had faces in them.  It was a lake of souls.  All the souls looked like they were in extreme pain.  There were hundreds of them.  I gasped at it.  How am I supposed to react to this?  This place was horrible.  How did Fletcher think this would make me feel better?  All it did was make me want to curl up and sleep.  I stared at it as Fletcher wrapped his arms around my waist.  His chin rested on my shoulder.

“What is this?” I asked.

“It’s the Lake of lost loves.  It is where people that have died for ones that don’t love them back go when they die.  It’s where you’ll go when you die,” He whispered.

“Oh, why would you bring me here?” I asked now really wanting to leave.   This is where I was going to go when I die? Aren’t I already dead?  What is going on?

“I thought you should see your kingdom.  Although technically your still alive eventually you will have to die and when you do you’ll rule here.  You’ll be the queen and I’ll be the king.  We’ll rule together,” He said.  I turned to face him.  I’m the queen of the lake of lost loves. I felt myself wonder if this was all just some crazy dream or maybe I had just gone insane and this was all some hallucination.  Fletcher chuckled.  “You’re not crazy this is all real.  Don’t worry.  It’s all real just wait until you die and we’ll be together forever.”

I opened my mouth to say something but his lips beat me to it.  He was kissing me.  There was a stiff breeze that blew and I flinched, pulling away.  I looked around and saw a very ticked off Sam.  He was in his demon form and there was a snarl forming on his lips.  He stormed towards us.

“I can’t believe this!  I thought you would come around and you would be mine!  But no!  Every single time I want something Fletcher is there to take it away from me!  You’re going to pay for this! “Sam yelled.  He raised his hand and something that looked a lot like lightning shot from his hand strait towards Fletcher.  I wasn’t thinking and I instinctively moved in front of him and adsorbed the blow.  I was on my back  and pain was searing through me.  I twitched involuntarily.  My vision started to get really blurry ad the edges were turning black.   Both Sam and Fletcher swore. Suddenly everything was numb and I felt a slight buzz in my head.  I knew what this was.  I was dieing…

The last thing I saw was Fletcher and Sam leaning over me.  Tears were flowing freely from Fletcher’s eyes.  I had made the devils son cry.  Then everything went black and I was gone.

Horoscopes for the Week of April 27th 2012

Taurus: This is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!  I mean just look at it!!!  How can you not be laughing at this???  I mean come on it’s not like this is a funeral!  What do you mean it actually is?  So that’s why nobody else is laughing…  Well it’s still funny to me.

Gemini: I really want a hat to wear today…  I mean it’s so windy and my hair will blow all over the place.  It will suck.  Oh!  There’s one!  What do you mean that’s a dead rat?  I think I know what a dead rat looks like and this, my friend, is not a dead rat.  Your just jealous of how good I look in this hat!

Cancer: I want water.  I have to pee.  I want water.  I have to pee.  I want water.  I have to pee.  I want water.  I have to pee.  I want water.  I have to pee.  Ahhhhhh!!!!!!  Why must everything be so complicated????

Leo: As a formal representative of the Stars we would like to make a formal apologize about the Cancer horoscope.  The stars had sugar and coffee before giving that horoscope.  We won’t let it happen again.  We apologize for any offense this has caused…

Virgo: Leo get the stick out of your butt!  The Gemini horoscope was funny!!!!!  Your just so up tight about everything!!!  Your like that nagging mother that I never wanted!!!

Libra: Virgo, Leo!  Stop fighting!!!!!  I swear it’s like being in a mental hospital!!!!  Everyday I come home and you two are fighting and Gemini is crying and Taurus is eating something he shouldn’t and it just never ends!  Please all of you shut up!

Virgo: But-

Scorpio: I fall asleep for ten minutes and you all start fighting!  We should be on a reality show!  I mean guys seriously! This is ridiculous!!!  I hate this family!!!

Sagittarius: Can it Scorpio!  We have enough problems with you whining about everything that is wrong!  No need to be all mopey like a teenager that was just dumped.

Capricorn: I have nothing to say…

Aquarius: Are you all on crack?  It’s one freaking horoscope!!!  Chill peeps!!!  Yes, I did call you all peeps because you remind me of brightly marshmallows that are covered in sugar…

Pisces: This has been the Secret Life of the American Horoscope!  Tune in next week to find out what happens!