Weekly Rant 3/19/2012: Harry Potter v. Twilight


Anyone who knows anything about pop culture knows about Harry Potter and Twilight.  Many people also know about the “feud” between the two.  No, there are not vampires hissing at teenagers with wands, as cool as that would be.  The authors, who wrote the books, and the actors, who played the parts, do not dislike each other either.  This feud is only between the millions of teenagers who read the Harry Potter books, and the Twilight books.  I admit, I was once one of these people.  But then I discovered real books.

This feud has become way too serious, and far too many people have opinions on it.  I am not saying that the writing is bad, but the plot line?  They both leave much to be desired. One is about a bunch of teenagers who are taken away to a special school where even though they are all “wizards,” only one of them, a boy naturally,  can save them.  I mean, seriously?  The other is about a group of vampires, a group of werewolves, and one teenage girl who is way too indecisive. Gag me!  What is the appeal of these books?  There are four Twilight books, and seven Harry Potter books.  Who has the time to read any of them?  Who has the combination of indulgence for bad literature and lack of social life to read them all?

Nevertheless, there have been many  friendships broken over these two books.  There are a couple of main arguments on each side.  Harry Potter fans say that the storyline is better, and it’s more plausible.  The Twi-hards say that it’s a great love story, and that you can compare it to Romeo and Juliet.

A better story line?  More plausible?  Next time, dear reader, you go to a train station please, for me, try to run through a wall.  Made of concrete.  In high school classes in the future, are they going to start reading the whole Twilight series instead of Romeo and Juliet?  One book for each year of high school English you take?  So next time you hear some teenager whining about either book, please smack them, and then go buy them an actual work of literature.  Now.  Go.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Rant 3/19/2012: Harry Potter v. Twilight

  1. HA! I remember a young 5th grader crying for the next Twilight book to come out…ahh, how times have changed. Glad you’re onto “real” literature now…

    • Whatever point those books were supposed to make has been spoiled by how mainstream they have become. Sometimes the worst threat to a message is a million readers with different opinions who all think they are right. Sorry for the corruption of your beliefs Weekly Daily!

  2. I totally agree with you, weekly dailly. I just think that Emily was saying they weren’t worth obsessing about. I wasn’t trying to start a flame war

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