Lions Pizza Part V

Editors Note: Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IIII.

When we walked into Lion’s Pizza, it looked exactly like it had any other time.  The red vinyl seats had rips with white stuffing coming out of them.  The walls were a tacky green that some how looked old, even though we had just repainted a couple of months ago.  There was the smell of stale pizza, since Elizabeth had forgotten to take out the trash again.  There were costumers, but they didn’t seem to see us as Fletcher pushed me to the back door.  I was suspecting to find the gross smelling ally way that is usually behind that door, but instead when Fletcher opened the door, I saw a huge green, grassy field.  I looked around, stunned.

“But.. But how?” I stumbled over a imperfection in the ground.

“Haven’t you learned to not underestimate the powers of my brother and I, not to mention my father?”

Fletcher kept pushing me forward.  Towards what, I don’t know.  I looked into the distance and saw a brownish blob.  I looked closer, and realized it was a tree.  As we walked closers to the tree, it started getting bigger. And bigger.  When we finally reached the tree, it looked liked a 45 story skyscraper.  Fletch kept on pushing me forward, but I wanted answers. So I stopped.

“Are you telling me that Lion’s Pizza is Hell?” I asked as I turned to face Fletcher.  He smirked.  Sam was right behind him. This wasn’t the Sam I knew and grew up with.  It felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart.  My mom and one of my only friends had sold my soul to the devil and now my other best friend was a demon here to claim my soul.

“It’s one of the entrances to hell, yes. You’re in hell right now,” Fletcher said.

“But this place is beautiful. I thought that hell was all fire and brimstone,” I said as  I turned and studied the stunning grass and beautiful sky.  The huge tree was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen.  It was like a dream in all of it’s beauty.

“This is more like the waiting room.  We’re here to meet my father and discuss this.  Afterward when I have claimed your soul as mine, you’ll go with me to my personal hell and live with me for the rest of eternity,” Fletcher explained with a look of arrogance on his face.

“That’s where my brother is wrong. You were mine first and that means you belong to me, not that humanity loving, pathetic excuse for a demon!” Sam barked.  His voice was much more husky now and scared me.  Fletcher opened his mouth but shut it and turned.  As if on cue my boss Lou appeared.  He was still the same oily looking man that wore cheap suits, but now he looked more powerful and mean.

“Boys, boys.  That is not the way we treat our guests.  Please behave,” He said.  I bit back a laugh.  Lou was the devil?  That was hilarious.  I had never really respected Lou.

“Yes Father,” Sam and Fletcher said simultaneously.

“Violet, it appears that we have a problem with your soul.  What do you think we should do about it?”  He asked as if he really did want to hear my ideas.

“You could let me go and we’ll never talk about this again,” I tried.  Sam smirked.

“No,” Fletcher deadpanned.

“I’m afraid that isn’t an option.  Although I appreciate your attempt. Hmm… this is quite the problem.  What to do.  What to do…” Lou paced and seemed to think deeply about this.  After a few moments of silence Fletcher got tired of waiting.

“But Dad!  You gave me here soul for my birthday!!  You said that once she and I turned 16 I could have her!!!” He whined like a four year old.

“Sir, if I may interject, her soul is my property because it fills the agreement that you signed for Elizabeth.  The contract is also signed by you that officially makes her mine.  By the way that is a very nice suit you’re wearing,” Sam said stepping up to face his father.  Fletcher muttered something that sounded like “Kiss up.”

“Both of you are correct.  She belongs to both of you.  What if we allow Ms. Violet decide?” Lou said.

“But she’ll obviously choose Sam.  She grew up with him and likes him better!” Fletcher called.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Fletcher.  Right now I hate both of you about equally,” I said.

“So it’s settled Violet will choose who her soul belongs to!” Lou clapped his hands together as if he was happy about the decision.  I glance between Sam and Fletcher.  Sam had been my best friend for what seemed like forever, but now it all seems like one big act he put up just to get my soul.  But on the other Fletcher was just trying to do his job and he hadn’t really betrayed me like Sam had.  But he was also acting like a spoiled brat about this.  Did I want to spend eternity with a spoiled brat or someone that used people just to get what he wanted?  Both sounded pretty awful.  I took a deep breath.

“I choose…”

To Be Continued…


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