Weekly Rant 2/28/12: Football


Many of you will probably attack me for saying this, but football should not be a sport. There are many arguments against this statement, but for the five minutes you take to read this try to think like me. I am a fourteen year old girl who was raised by a father who was a baseball fanatic, and from a state where we don’t have a serious football team. I can’t rant too much about this subject, because I barely understand how it works. It’s the same principal as the voting one:   if you don’t vote you can’t complain.  All I really understand about football is that two teams of eleven guys run around, trying to get a ball down the field.  When they finally get it through the thing that looks like a fork missing the middle piece, people cheer and the teammates grab each other’s butts. Many call football a “true American sport”.  I may be a bit biased, as I believe that baseball is the true American sport.

I’ve been going to San Francisco every summer since I was two years old.  As you can imagine, I have been to almost every Giants game  happening while I was there. So, I am a die hard Giants fan. Any respectable Giants fan hates the New York Yankees, and any sports team, period, from New York.  So instead of rejoicing that the NY Giants were in the Superbowl, I groaned.  That said, after the World Series is over, there are no other sports.  In almost every class I had the teachers asked what team everyone was for.  I wanted to scream that no one cared, but people do.

I do not like football players.   Some little boys look up to them and say that someday they will be playing for a huge NFL team like them.   But the life of a football player seems like a sad one.  T hey are very health, and very fit, but some only get that way by using steroids.  The risk of a football player getting a concussion is tremendously  higher than any other sport. Many football players come out with very bad head injuries. Most football players have only two or three good years and then they are gone, replaced by someone is sometimes only a year or two younger then them. They do make a lot of money, more then our own Veterans do, thanks for asking. Football players throw a ball around, and Veterans protect our country. You decide which one should make more money.

I admire football though, in a way.  On the days approaching Superbowl Sunday, sales go WAY up at any place that sells food and beer.  It is a great excuse to invite all of your friends over and have a great time.  It is an American sport in that it brings lots of people together, and even if you’re extremely mad with a friend of yours, you still have to invite them over for Superbowl Sunday. Or they invite you.  It is, after all, America.


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