Lion’s Pizza

Bubbles fall around me. There’s a slow song playing and I realize that I’m in a long pink dress. I want to rip it off and burn it, but you know there’s a law about wearing clothes in public and stuff. I open my mouth to let out a long string of expletives, but I’m stopped by a tall boy, smiling at me.  The song ends and everything gets quiet.  “Congratulations Violet! You’re Ridgemont highs new Prom Queen!” A bleach blonde says. They push me toward the stage and put a stupid crown on my head! Suddenly a loud noise explodes through the gym.

I shot up and stared around the room.  It was only a dream. Thank God.  I crawled out of bed and take a shower. I run a brush through my purple hair. Yeah I said Purple. That what color my hair is and has been that way since 7th grade. I pull out a ninja-corn shirt  and jeans. I put in my ear buds and make a dash for the door. My mother catches me though. SO close.

“Honey, why aren’t you in that skirt I bought you last night?” She asks. I roll my eyes. Sometimes I want to stab her with a spoon. She doesn’t listen to me.

“I have to go. I’m really late for work,” I mumble and sprint to the door.  I made it to the car before I realize that she has the keys. I swear under my breath.  I trudge back to the house.  She’s holding up the skirt, indicating that I don’t get the keys if I don’t wear the skirt. I sigh and take the skirt. Ten minutes later I arrive at Lion’s. Lion’s is a local pizza joint that offers jobs to teenagers, who need cash. I put on my green baseball cap and apron. I hate this uniform, but I need the money. I open up the cash register and wait for customers to show up. I hear a rattling in the back ground.  Something falls to the ground with a loud clatter and even louder swearing.

“Are you okay back there?” I yell, too lazy to go see if everything is okay. Elizabeth comes out from the back.  She’s covered in flour. She looks ticked. I bite my tongue, to stop from laughing.

“What idiot decided that it was a good idea to put the flour on the top shelf?” She asks and attempts to shake the flour out of her hair.

“I did,” My boss says from behind her. She hangs her head and turns to face him.

“Graveyard shift for a week?” She asks. Our boss punishes us by giving us the graveyard shift, from 11pm- 4am. He nods and the bell above the door rings, signaling that we have a customer. I turn and see a small old lady standing in front of me.  She orders and sits down. I hand Elizabeth the order and she sets out making the pizza and salad.   People drift in and out all day. Finally it’s three and I lock up for lunch. Elizabeth and I are the only one’s working. I sat down with a turkey and Swiss sandwich.  There’s a loud banging at the door.

“We’re closed! Come back in an hour!” Elizabeth yells. The banging continues. Elizabeth shoots me a look that says she’s not going to see who it is. I stand up and trudge to the door. A boy is standing out there. His back is to me, but just from his stance and clothes I can already tell I’m not going to like him.

“What part of we’re closed don’t you understand?” I ask as I stick my head out the door. He faces me and smirks.

“Violet,” he says.

“Nope, my name is Tulip. Violet works at the mall. Sorry. Go check the mall.” I start to shut the door. He stops me and forces his way into the place.

“You’re name tag says Violet.”  I roll my eyes.  Great, what does he want? ” Look my friends dared me to go in and order an anchovy pizza and eat it all. I have to do it.” I look at the door and see three boys standing in the doorway making puppy dog faces.

“Violet! What’s taking you so long?” Elizabeth yells and walks out. She stars at the boy and then at me.

“He wants an anchovy pizza,” I say.

“Give me twenty minutes.” She turns and heads to the kitchen and starts making the pizza. I can’t believe she just agreed to go make a pizza on her lunch break. Elizabeth doesn’t do anything, unless she has to. I glare at him.  He and his friends go and sit down. I head to the back. Elizabeth is putting the pizza in the oven. I look at her as if trying to ask her what she’s doing. She just shrugs. The pizza is done and I take it out. Elizabeth follows.

“Hey come sit with us!” One of the boys says. Elizabeth takes a seat at the table and I sit next to her.

“Fletcher has to eat the whole pizza in half an hour.” Another explains. I nod and motion for him to get it over with.  Fletcher starts cramming food into his mouth. It really is revolting. 25 minutes go by and I find myself cheering him on.  He finishes the pizza in exactly 29 minutes and 58 seconds. I laugh. I hadn’t had that much fun in along time. The boys grumble and dig out money and pay for the pizza. I hand him the receipt. He smirks at me writes something on the receipt and shoves it my apron pocket. They leave and I go back to work, not bothering to look at it.

That was one of the more fun days I’d had at Lion’s. At 11 I leave Elizabeth and go home. My mother is there with a tiny smile on her face.  She leads me to kitchen and there in the kitchen is Fletcher.  What is he doing here?


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