A Rant About Perfection

Humans. We are ugly creatures. Some say that we are beautiful, but we aren’t. There are those who try to be pretty, but they will always be like the rest off us. Exactly the same. Some may be flashy on the outside, completely filled up with plastic. But, they will always be ugly on the inside.

We have made ourselves hate what we look like. We are all on a never-ending quest to be perfect. Always trying to be better then we actually are.

Some may say they are happy with themselves, smiling and putting on a brave face, but in the end when they go home they look at themselves and hate what they see. The purest we can be, seems not to be when we are children. Not when we are happy, but when tears are streaming down our faces. We’re filled with so much hatred, for our selves, and others. If you stripped away layer after layer, leaving us with nothing, what would we be?

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