I Am From…

Kestrel K.

I am from family get-togethers in my back yard to flying across the state. From dinner out side and birthday dinners. From holidays with relatives to family camping trips. From Spaghetti and meatballs to cornbeaf and cabbage.

I am from comforting my little sister. From pets both big and small. A hamster here, a puppy there.

I am from dainty dancing. From long rehearsals and aching limbs. From hot soapy bubble baths, warm against my smooth skin.

I am from dust devils twirling toward me like a tornado. I am from moving house to house. I am from rain pounding on the roof, trying to get in or blazing heat scuttling across the horizon. From tons of homework to relaxing in a hammock like a bunch of bananas or SPLASH! In the pool. From reading books, both long and short. From helping others and kindness. From the smiles and the encouragement of a responsible family. I am from joining together.


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