Valentine’s Day in Schools


Today, 2/13/12, is like Christmas for every Hallmark and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory out there. Everyone who is above the age of three knows what Valentine’s Day is, but if you are one of those people who grew up under a rock, Valentine’s Day is the day you send your sweethearts a card, or give them a bright red box shaped like a heart filled with an assortment of chocolate. It is the only day it is okay to wear pink and red together. In schools, it is a much different story. Some love it because we do absolutely nothing, but others, myself included, hate it.

In almost every elementary school kids are being given red, pink, and white paper, and a glue stick. They are told to make a bag for their Valentine’s. Over the weekend hundreds of parents rushed to Walmart and bought their children Barbie and Monster Truck Valentine’s. In a previous week a list of names of every student in the class was given out with specific instructions to make a Valentine for every child in the class. Then tomorrow all of the Valentine’s will be distributed into each child’s bag. The rest of the day will be spent eating pink cookies and heart-shaped candies. There will probably be a movie play which has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, and has no educational value. They will end the day with looking in their bags, the bright light of excitement in their eyes, to find every different Valentine out there. Who knows, there may even be some home-made ones in there, but in this world where you can buy some right off the selves that is a very rare thing.

There is also a tradition in most middle/high schools. It’s not as pink and easy-going as elementary schools, but it’s still a tradition. There are two groups, the optimists and the pessimists. The optimists buy some cheesy, made in China Valentines. They are distributed with chocolate, and teddy bears. In classes some teachers with give out their own Valentines to every one of their students. The optimists giggle excitedly at all the Valentines they have received. The pessimists are a different story. Some are more toned down than others, but they are all working for one common goal: make everyone else miserable. They do this by wearing black, and causing general unhappiness. Some classes organize a party or a little “no work day.” Teachers who want to teach a lesson about everything teach a lesson about Valentines day and how it started. So, Valentine’s Day in schools gets steadily better as everyone grow older.

Tomorrow, still try to get some chocolate from someone. Even if would rather hide in your dark bedroom then go outside and face the music.


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