Adam’s Song Part III

Penelope K

Editors Note: Here is Parts I and Part II.

“Give all my things to all my friends

You’ll never step foot in my room again

You’ll close it off, board it up”

“Mimi, please just stop. I can’t handle this, not now,” I begged her. Why couldn’t she just drop it? The last thing I wanted to talk about was my home life. I stared at her. Mimi was anything but normal.  Mimi hid behind colored hair and nose piercings. She thought that if she could pretend that she was tough, no one would notice how vulnerable she was. I knew everything about her. I listened when she wanted to talk, and distracted her when she didn’t.  Mimi was pushing me though.

“Adam, you have been avoiding me for months. You never smile anymore. I just want to know if everything is okay. Please talk to me!” She replied. I shook my head. How was I supposed to respond to that, when only an hour ago I’d been kicked out of my house for trying to break up one of my parent’s fights?

“Mimi, just leave me alone, okay? I’m not in the mood to have some emotional breakdown in front of you,” I said. Her blue rimmed eyed were glossy with tears. I knew I had hurt her.  She was being very dramatic about it. If I let her in she would make a really big deal about it. That was the last thing I wanted. I turned and walked away from her. I heard her crying, but I was so tired of everyone that I didn’t care.  That was the last conversation I had with Mimi.


“Mimi, are you okay?” Amber asked. Mimi had a strange look on her face. I could tell she was thinking about our last conversation.

“I thought I saw him. I could’ve sworn I saw Adam, in this room. I know I smell him,” She stated, turning in a very slow circle.  She took a deep breath. “Adam always smelled like this one kind of soap. It was some weird off brand soap, that he had to drive 20 miles to get. I never thought I’d smell that again.”

“For the first six months after his death, his parents boarded up his room. His Mom swore up and down that she would never step in his room. When we bought the house, this room stunk of soap. I found a box of twenty bars in the closet,” Amber muttered, looking around the room. This girl did not go through my stash of soap, did she? I was always a little obsessed with the way I smelled.  It was kind of weird, but I enjoyed it. Plus that box held something far more important to me then soap. Mimi shook her head and lead Amber out of the house.

As soon as they left I freaked out. I tore apart her room. She had to have taken it. I tore through her draws and over turned her mattress, hoping and praying it was somewhere.  I looked everywhere. It wasn’t in her room. I had to find it.  I searched for hours.

When Amber came home she saw her room and started to cry. She thought that someone had broken into her house. It brought me some happiness to see her so miserable. It took her awhile to straighten her room and notice that nothing was missing. She was obviously freaked out. I watched her the whole time. While I was watching, an idea slipped into my head.

I went to her draw and opened it. I pulled out a marker. Amanda had put her headphones in and didn’t notice the magical floating marker. I went over to her wall with a smirk on my face.  I uncapped the marker and with large sweeping motions wrote out my message.  After I was satisfied with it, I put the cap back on. I put the marker back. She still hadn’t noticed. I got tired of waiting. I crept over to her IPod that was beside her. I waited until the songs changed and put Adam’s Song on with volume up all the way. Her head shot up and she saw the wall. She screamed.




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