A Warning

Editors Note: If you would like to read part two, here is the link:  A Warning: Part II

Shawn M.

Hello, my name is Shawn Marquez.   I am 13 years old and frightened out of my mind. If you are reading this, I am most likely still stuck in this room with lights covering every single possible spot of darkness in here. At the time of writing, I have been in here for approximately 4 hours. Waiting. Waiting for what exactly? Well, I suppose I should tell you, reader, how I got in here.

Four hours ago, at what the clock told me was 12:00 am, I was sitting in my room listening to music. I don’t quite remember what song, but I suppose that’s not important. In between songs, I heard a loud bump, and it sounded like it came from the roof. I thought nothing of it at first, remembering that the roof was being repaired, forgetting that it was 12 in the morning. Another song went by, and again that bump was heard, seemingly closer. In fact, it sounded like it was coming from inside of my house. The fact that it sounded like it was inside of my house got me thinking, and I got up to investigate. It was dark in the hallway, so I turned on the light. That’s when I saw it for the first time. I only got a glance of it, seeing one of the spikes on it’s back go with it around the corner. I assumed I was seeing things, as most people do in the dark at this hour, so I continued my investigation. The first light wasn’t quite bright enough for me to see both parts of the hallway, and the bulb was out on the second stretch, so I went on using touch as my “eye.” Passing the office, I felt wetness at my feet. However, being dark, I didn’t quite notice what was at my feet the first time around…

I continued through my house, not knowing what was inside with me, and found nothing. I headed back to my room. About to open the door, I smelled a terrible stench. That smell was absolutely horrid, and no words could really describe it. My curiosity overcame my fear, and I headed back to the hallway to find the source of this foul odor. I followed it until it became stronger, noticing that it was coming from the office, where we kept our dog. My mind wanted to think that it was only our dog that produced the smell, that he simply soiled his kennel because no one was awake to let him out. But my instincts told me that it wasn’t that. What exactly was it? I opened the door reluctantly, and the stench became completely unbearable. I was scared to turn on the light, but I had to. When I did, I wished I had stayed in my room. My dog, or what was left of him, was pinned to the wall. What I shall only describe for the sake of leaving that poor animal at least some dignity with his passing as “the rest of him” was lying on the floor. This terrible, violent sight was sickening, I was dizzy and felt nauseous. I looked at the floor and saw his blood. The wetness at my feet, I thought. That’s what that was earlier. I ran out, closed the door, and ran back to my room.

I slammed the door shut in my room and locked it. I though it was all a terrible nightmare, and that there was no way this was happening. I crawled back under my covers and tried to sleep, shaking. But I couldn’t doze off. I heard… breathing. I lay wide-eyed as I confirmed my sanity, making sure I wasn’t just hearing the breathing. But it was there. I threw off the covers and that’s when I saw what can only be described as a monstrosity. It had red eyes  and frightening spikes all over its body. Its skin looked scaly, and its fingers long and skinny. It stood about 2 feet taller than me. Worse of all, it had the collar of my dog still in its wretched mouth. It screeched a loud, high-pitched squeal when I had discovered it. Then it lunged at me. I ducked, but was scraped by one of his spikes. I screamed and ran to the light, knowing I barely missed its grasp as the light bulb flicked on. It squealed, broke the window and ran.

I may not be alive when whoever you are reads this. But please know that this thing is still out there.

And it’s hungry.


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