The Flaw in Humans

My name is Rascal and I am a demon.  My Creator made me to destroy humankind.  There is nothing I like more than the death of a stupid human.  I lived with the humans for a while and now I see how flawed and stupid their civilization is.  There is greed and murder, not unlike the Underworld.  The humans that let me stay in their home were foolish and became drunk.  With the knowledge that they would not remember anything, I created the scene of a fight and killed both of them.  The child, however, was small and meek, simply sleeping in her bed.  My orders were to kill everyone, but I couldn’t kill this sweet, young child.  So I left without finishing my mission.  There are so many people that I seem to recognize.  Maybe I knew them before I became a demon.  But this I will never know, because it is painful to think of that day.  One day, my story will be shared and people will remember me, not as a demon, but as a human who fell in love with a boy who crushed her beneath him as if she were nothing.
I was young and stupid back then.  My name was Rachel and I had a good life.  But that was before I met Blake.  He changed me; I drank and was high all the time. Not high on drugs, high on happiness and love, or so I thought, until that stormy day.  Blake had come to my house and we were listening to our favorite music and studying together.  He leaned close and kissed me.  I pulled away, and he told me that if I didn’t want to be with him, he would find someone else who did.  I tried to tell him that I did love him, but he wouldn’t listen.  He started to shout at me and I fell back as he shoved me.  Screaming now, he told me that it was over and just left.  I couldn’t believe it and for the longest time I just sat and cried.  Days and weeks merged.  Every day I longed for him, but every day when I looked he glared and turned away.  A month after the day he had left me, I went inside myself.  Then one day I couldn’t take it anymore and I took a random assortment of pills, just to die.  It worked and I was headed toward the light, but the closer I got the redder the light was and I dropped down into the Underworld.    I met with the Devil and he gave me a second chance at life.  The only rule I had was that if I stayed with someone, I had to kill him or her.  I soon forgot morality and just killed in anger and frustration.  The only thought that kept me going was the hope that one day I could find Blake and crush him like he crushed me.
I still cry when I kill, but the Devil doesn’t know that.  It is my own way of apologizing to those I kill.  I suppose that it is better that way, because I never saw the flaws in humankind.  Now that I am no longer human, I see how much of the world is dead.  Only the strongest survived the nuclear war about a hundred years ago.  The US was one of few countries to survive. So many died that bodies were being burned because there wasn’t enough space to bury them all, so the bodies were burned and the ashes were buried.    There were so many orphans that all the working orphanages were overwhelmed.  When I was human, I never knew anything because there was no newscast; no radio news.  The Government didn’t want us to know what they had done to the world.  We just lived in bunkers for years.

I leave the house, with the child crying inside and the two parents dead on the floor.  I have no sympathy anymore.  As I walk on I can feel darkness closing in, but it is just my mind playing tricks on me.  I never used to, but now I see dark shapes everywhere I look.  It is the Devil, I know.  I will wander the world and have people take pity on me, but they will die.  Blake will die one day.  Then maybe I can move on.


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