Adam’s Song

By Penelope K.

“I never thought I’d die alone

I laughed the loudest

Who’d have known?”

The alley was very dark and cold.  I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I had thought running here would be a good idea.  There was a massive dumpster on the side, although the trash was thrown haphazardly around it, not actually in it.  I had ran and ran, and by the time I had reached the alley I was panting and trying feebly to wipe my hair out of my eyes.  It was plastered to my forehead and seemed content to stay there.  I heard the heavy and gruesome footsteps come up behind me.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to out run him anymore.  Maybe, if I was lucky, I could fight him off.  But I wasn’t lucky, and he had a gun.  I knew this because of my bleeding side where the bullet had already grazed me.  I didn’t even know this guy.  I had been outside in my yard attempting to ignore my parents fighting, when he showed up and pulled the gun on me.  I told him that I didn’t have any money, but he just shook his head, like I was an idiot.  I turned to face him.

To say the least, I was terrified.  It was a feeling that started in my chest and moved quickly through my body, until it felt like my insides were being squeezed.  I couldn’t breathe, and tears streaked my face.  I must have looked real manly right then.  I tried to turn around but my foot slipped on the trash that wasn’t in the dumpster.  I fell to my knees and the last thing I heard was him laughing.  My chest heaved violently.  I felt the barrel of his gun press into my chest.  It was night and all I saw was the massive bulking shape that was my attacker.  He wore a dark blue baseball cap.  He had on black pants and shirt, with an ugly, dark green trench coat that completed the whole creepy stalker look.  All I thought was, why?  Why me?  I opened my mouth to ask him, but then he pulled the trigger.

The sun was what woke me up.  It was brighter then I remembered, so was the sky.  It was a stunning azure.  I was lying on the ground.  I looked around and found myself in the alley way I had been in last night.  Everything hurt- my legs, my arms, my chest, my head, all of it hurt.  I rolled onto my stomach and laid there hoping that if I went slowly I would be able to get up with minimum pain.  I started to push myself up.  After what felt like ages, I was on my feet.   I remembered vaguely what happened last night, but clearly it hadn’t been real.  Maybe I’d just imagined it.  As to how I ended up in the alley, I had no explanation.   For now, all I wanted was to get home and sleep.  I would call my friend Mimi later and see if she could help me figure it out.

I wandered down the street realizing I was only 2 blocks from my house.  I made my way down the street in an insane amount of pain.  Finally I made it into my house.  The first thing that I noticed that was the pictures over the fireplace were different.  Typically there was my school picture sat on the mantle with Adam S. was printed in the corner.  My friends always said that I had the best smile and loudest laugh.  I’d liked to think that I could make anyone laugh.  Now, a girl with auburn hair and deep brown eyes sat in a picture frame, where mine usually sat.  A picture of a boy, with the same color hair and eyes, sat next to hers, but his eyes were cold and harsh, unlike his sisters whose eyes were soft and  filled with laughter.  A family picture took the place of mine.

The girl from the picture padded out into the living room and turned the stereo on.  She walked right past me and didn’t even notice that I was there.   Adam’s Song crept out of the speakers.  I laughed, that had been my song.  I knew every word.  But now, the lyrics seemed ironic.  It had taken me awhile, but now I understood.  Everything that I thought was a dream had been real.  There had been a man, he had had a gun, and I was dead.


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