The Life of The Vibe

By Marcus S.

At the age of four I began my soccer “career.” At the time I had heard little, if anything, about soccer, but was signed up nonetheless. My parents drove me to my first practice where I was utterly confused and lost as I was dropped off and left with complete strangers.

Before leaving our house my parents brought three different pairs of my socks to me and asked me which were the longest. After answering this strange question, I was taken in the car and driven to a park. Although it was a park I had been to before, it did not feel as familiar as it had previously. I was standing there with my parents for a few minutes before they both left me in the presence of a couple adults and a few other kids my age. After a talk from the adults, in which I got to know the other kids, we were all lined up and divided into two teams. Once the talk was over, I knew in fact that I was at soccer practice and I was on a team. Forced upon me was this burden I could not bear. Playing soccer? I hardly even knew anything about soccer. Well, I wasn’t happy, but after we had our first little scrimmage, my whole opinion of soccer had changed forever.

Soccer was fun. I really didn’t know what I was doing most of the time but running around kicking a ball was as good as it got. Okay, fun was an understatement, I knew that I would want to continue playing soccer for a very long time.

After my first year playing soccer, my parents immediately signed me up again. At that time I was living in the South Valley and the particular team that I was on was a “South Valley” team. The rules regarding coaching were much more lenient on south valley teams than other teams. I stayed on this team for four years. It was lucky for me that these lenient rules were implemented in the south valley because if the rules had been stricter, the likely hood that I would’ve been able to stay on the team for even two years, let alone four, would have been slim.  Thus began the four years on my favorite team to this day, “The Vibe.”

My second year on my team was a major success. We won game after game, until we were the only team who had neither tied nor lost. That year we went both seasons without losing a single game. My third year on my team would prove almost the same. Because of our previous accomplishments, we were able to play harder and older teams. Alas, we would remain undefeated.

During my fourth and final year on “The Vibe,” we suffered a huge loss.  Four of our all-star players had been recruited to another team. The season had been going okay, we lost some games, won some games and tied others. After getting new players to replace the ones who had left, we simply could not find our “groove,” so to speak. Spending three years together as a team was one of the reasons that we were the best. With these new players things just weren’t the same. While individually some of these new players were pretty good, the flow of our team would never be the same.

Towards the end of our season, we were up against Caliente. Some of us new and some of us didn’t, but we would soon find out that this was the team that had taken our players. This match was not going to be pretty. Caliente was the new best team in the league, mercilessly destroying every team they faced.  With scores like 8-0 and 12-0 and even 15-0 against some teams, we knew that this was going to be a tough game.  When the game began everything seemed to be going okay, but by the end of the match we had lost 2-0.  Not a bad defeat to say in the least, but this season would forever end the team known as “The Vibe.”


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