Newt Newt Newt

Jackson F.

As most know by now, Newt Gingrich has won South Carolina. This might come as a shock to some, as the most Conservative GOP Candidate won one of the most conservative states in the union. I jest, but it did come as a surprise, just two days before the primary in South Carolina Mitt Romney had a 10 point lead. Newt won South Carolina because most of the GOP caucus in South Carolina is Fundamentalist. And who seems more Conservative, Newt or Mitt. Newt appeals to the typical Evangel, Fundamentalist voter, and is willing to say anything to gain their vote. Wether that means trashing Poor People, being Homophobic or Racist. I am not in any way trying to slander anyones view on Newt but he has said things that fall into those categories. But why did he win South Carolina, well he was carried on a wave of support that seems to wildly fluctuate for all the candidates. He just seemed to get the wave at the right time.

We have all heard it before, say it with me now thats right, whoever wins South Carolina wins the nomination. But is that really true for Newt, he just rode in on a wave and he cant do that every primary. This year could be the ending point of a long honored tradition of the GOP. Or it could be a continuation of it.

To Democrats, Newt winning South Carolina has been a field day. In fact I would not be surprised if the Obama administration is praying to face Gingrich in the General election. By that I mean Obama against Romney is a very close election within 5%. But against Gingrich, Obama is wining in the double digits.

It will be very interesting if Newt can keep his wave long enough to affect Nevada and Florida or if he can use this win to help further his wave.

For Newt, winning South Carolina has probably gained him a few votes but more importantly its probably gained a some more sponsors. The one thing that wins elections now a days is money. You need to it to run a campaign, to run ad’s or even a keep a line of credit for Tiffanies. But Newt might not get all the sponsors he needs unless he can keep up his momentum and take ethier Florida or Nevada.

But what does Newts victory mean for the other candidates. For Romney probably nothing other than a small speed bump on a long, windy rode to the nomination. For Ron Paul and Rick Santorum probably nothing thing other than maybe a few votes swinging to Gingrich.

In summary Newts win came as a shock to everyone, but with a primary like this does anything come as a shock?


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