The Underground Thief

By Brooke M.

This is a story about a boy from Ireland who was known as a notorious thief. This young man, named Connor, has just stolen a large jewel from a noble, Lady Geneve, and ended up on another planet. After many hours in an unconscious state, Connor wakes up startled.

“What happened to me? Where am I?” Connor screamed. The Lady Geneve came up to him dressed in a shiny, red suit. She had her hair back in a ribbon that twisted into a small rose shape at the nape of her neck. She was wearing opaque goggles, and Connor suddenly noticed that he was wearing a matching pair.

“Welcome to Platoon,” Lady Geneve said with a cruel grin.

The ground was foggy and purple through his goggles. The sky was gray with faint wisps of crimson here and there. He was approaching a large black building with glass windows. “This is the building that you will be staying in, called Alcatraz 2,” said Lady Geneve.  She grinned and chuckled. “Oh, you think that you will be staying in that glass covered building there? No! You are going deep underground to a dark smelly hole where you can meet your only two friends!” Suddenly, they came to a small graying plant that spread itself along the ground in a heart shape. Geneve patted her foot three times in a steady beat. The ground opened up and they found themselves on a stairwell going down into a chilly hole, the wind beating against blinking silver walls. Slowly, they began the descent.

After what seemed like an eternity, they came to a small cramped space. There was a small metal grate separating this room from another dimly-lit room. Connor looked in, and saw two shapes leaning over a tiny fire. They looked up, and Connor gasped as he realized that one was a small woman clad in a threadbare dress the other a tiny man with a small pair of pants and a thin sweater.  “Meet Jezelda and Tie,” Geneve said. “Little thieves just like you! Hope you have fun!” She blew a kiss into Connor’s face, and left. Suddenly, everything went quiet.

A few minutes later, Connor quietly snuck up to the small metal grate window that led into the room with the small fire.  Connor whispered, “Hello! My name is Connor. I don’t know where I am or how I got here! Can you help me?”

After a few moments went by, two faces appeared at the window, both grubby. The man spoke first, “We are the first two prisoners and have been on this dreary planet for the past five years. We have been trying to find a way to escape from our dark prison, but with no success. There is no way out!” He frowned. “The only thing I want to accomplish in my life is to discover what the thumping noises beneath our room are. I have a plan to find out if you would be kind enough to help us.”

Four hours later, they had a plan.  hey would use the stones along the floor of the rooms to dig a hole down to wherever that noise was coming from.

The next morning, they began digging. They dug all morning until they looked down into a room filled with ashes and bones.  There was an odd smell, and as they climbed down a rope, made by clothes tied up together. They found that they were behind a dragon! Its scales glittered as if made of the greatest jewels ever found. Suddenly, Tie slid on a piece of bone, and fell into the giant creature. It rose, screaming in fright, and turned onto the three people. It began running towards them, shrieking in anger.  As the three turned around to look behind, the dragon flew up grabbed them by their feet, and flew higher up through many floors, until Connor felt fresh air, and saw the odd landscape again. He gasped, trying to breathe in the air, as they flew higher. Suddenly he was falling, and as he looked up, he saw a large red shape next to the dragon streak against the sky. It looked as if the dragon that had just rescued them had been attacked by another, larger beast. They hit ground and dazedly stood up. He saw the dragon lying across the ground. Connor ran to it but the beast seemed to just dissolve into the sand.  Connor then felt a prick in his neck and was fast asleep. When he awoke, he was back in the dungeon… And he lived sadly ever after.


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