Science Fair 2012!

It’s that time of year, the Jefferson Middle School Science Fair is here.  Students around the school have been preparing amazing tri-fold boards.  This year the science fair will be held on January 20th and 23rd, in the small gym. As odd as it seems, opinions are strongly divided about the Science Fair.  Some students live for the Science Fair because it is a time to show off their intelligent projects and way cool inventions. While others dread it because, they simply don’t have any interest in carrying out some experiment, just to learn something they probably could have googled.

Mr. Reynolds, one of the seventh grade science teachers doesn’t force his kids to do a board, but he does tell them about it. He doesn’t want to force kids to do the science fair because it may cause them to hate the science fair. But it does run the risk that there is a kid that is capable of an award winning project, they just didn’t know it. But the highly motivated kid will do it any way and be successful.

There are no real requirements to the science fair. JMS takes every kind of project. The amount of winners varies based on the amount of participants. Usually there are between fifteen and twenty first place winners and the same amount for second and third place. The best projects will be offered a chance to to go to the regional science fair in at UNM. For the UNM science fair there are a lot of regulations and rules.

A more memorable project from years past was one designed by Madison Bridges, who now attends AHS. Her project was testing which swim suit had the least amount of drag in the water. To do this she designed an invention that pulled a mannequin through the water in a pool. Madison Bridges won thousands in cash and other prizes, at the regional and state science fairs.

Ms. Schroeder, a sixth grade science teacher loves the science fair. The science fair brings such color and excitement to her room. She believes the science fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to express their creativity and learn something more about science.

Typically students tend to do more science fair projects that follow the scientific method, rather than an enigineering project. This is most likey because engineering projects tend to cost more and be more tedious. Sciencetific method projects tend to follow a set of steps, where as engineering projects are more ‘build something and hope it works’.

Some students strongly dislike the science fair because  it is extra work about something they don’t really car about. Some teachers have the kids write papers and then have them put together a board. For some it is hard to find a topic that they actually care about and have enough passion to keep with it for as long as it takes to do the experiment and create the board. Then they feel obligated to  enter to at least get some sort of reward out of it. It just seems like to much work.

Overall the science fair at JMS is a very big deal. Judging for this years science fair will be on January 2oth and then the open house to see all the projects is on January 23rd. Everyone should come and see all the amazingly brilliant projects.


One thought on “Science Fair 2012!

  1. Point of clarification: I don’t think any teacher requires that students enter science fair. All 146 entering students this year are volunteers (as are the 60+ adult judges). Granted, special education science students are required to do a science project for their class, but that is because their IEP identifies them as NEEDING this type of independent self directed learning experience.

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