A-F Grading System

Is your school an “A” or a “F”? When Suzanna Martinez was elected governor, one of the first things she decided she would do was implement a new system that would “change” education.  Now all schools will receive a letter grade. The grading system will, for the most part, be based on the New Mexico Standard Based Assessment, or SBA.

Every spring public schools across the state have students sit down for two weeks strait and force them to take a very long and very, very boring test.  Usually the test doesn’t have any consequences to the student or the school. But now these tests scores will be a major deciding factor in what “grade” the school gets. The “grade” for the school will also be based on a survey students are suppose to take. The questions will not be “Do you like school?” But instead, “What happens in the class rooms?” Schools have been attempting to make parents aware of this, but most of the announcements have been very vague. So, whats your grade?


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