What’s Going On In ABQ This Weekend?

So this weekend when you’re sitting around at your house, bored out of your mind, here are some things to do…

If you are generally interested in films that are at The Guild, this weekend they have Melancholia and Undocumented. Melancholia is a film about the end of the world, but in the psychological  perspective. Undocumented is a thriller about a film crew who get captured and forced to film very gruesome things. It has been compared to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Not really into the Indie movie scene? Well there is lots of other things to do out there! Like singing in front of people? Well at 8pm over at Retro’s Bar, there is free karaoke. You can also find some free karaoke over at Players VIP Sports Bar. Want something a little more hip? Well over at Warehouse 508 there is a Dubstep dance party at 7pm. All ages are welcome!

If you want some more artsy things, there is the 3rd Annual Photographic Art Showshowcasing more than 250 images from 100 local photographers. This is going on till December 28th. There is also the Downtown. It is showing works by Mandy Ford-Perez, Jesse Reinhard and Gabriel Perez. This will go on through December 31st.

The River of Lights starts this weekend, over at the ABQ Bio Park. The River of Lights is always amazing! Over at the ABQ Magic and Juggling Shop on Central is hosting the Albuquerque Young Magicians at 11am. All magicians are welcome to come and show off their amazing illusions!


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