Weekly Arts Review 11/28/11


This weekend at exactly 12 am, I went and saw Hugo. As many of you may know Hugo was based on the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  From the look of the poster, it seemed kind of childish. The book was a long read, but the story itself is for elementary/early middle school kids. The story is about a boy who is living illegally in a train station in Paris 1930. All throughout the book, Hugo escapes authority figures one way or another, always coming close to being caught, but never actually in any trouble.

Hugo, although seeming childish, tells the story and shows the underlying meaning. The movie may have childish antics, and the element of complete freedom, but if you look deeper the whole book, and movie, is about a boy helping people find their purpose, while still trying to find his own. Hugo, the movie, is appropriate for children as young as 4, up to people who are 104. It has the true element of childhood, but also a deeper, more important meaning. So if you have the chance, go see Hugo.


One thought on “Weekly Arts Review 11/28/11

  1. I don’t usually go to see movies at the theater, but your review intrigued me. “Hugo” is directed by Martin Scorsese and praised by movie critics, including Roger Ebert.

    I’ll go see it on your recommendation.

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