DBA Testing and Blowing Your Nose

By Mr. R

One of my students got up from his desk right in the middle of a math test and started walking towards the front of the room. I want my class to develop good test taking skills in preparation for the upcoming DBA and walking around during a test is not one of them, especially for other students.

“Matthew, where are you going?” I asked him.

“I’m going to the front of the room,” he answered, as if I should have known.

“Why are you going to the front of the room?” I inquired.

“To blow my nose,” he said, very matter-of-factly.

“Sit down and blow your nose,” I commanded.


I found out later that he had to blow his nose, and as soon as he finished the job he wanted to be by the trash can to throw away the tissue. This makes sense. You don’t have to carry the tissue very far because you are right by the trash can, and you can be in front of everyone so they can observe your technique and style of blowing mucus into a tissue.

Blowing your nose sitting down means that you now have to stand up holding fully loaded tissue con muchos mocos, and then walk around with it dangling from your hand like a maggot-infested possum’s body part until you finally reach the trash can. That definitely is not as cool as this fellow’s strategy.

But what he said made me think, “Huh?” During the DBA no one will be allowed to get up and throw away un tejido con mocos. Just sit there with it on your desk until the test is over.


Weekly Horoscope #2 9/8/11

If you were born today, good job! You are alive!

Virgo- Remember the bird you deeply offended  last week? Well he is coming back. But don’t worry, bird poop is good for your complexion!

Libra- The stars have finally lined up, and they show that you will learn how to speak Llama, but not that well since he is coming to eat your pants as we speak.

Scorpio- Mars and Mercury have crossed paths at the right time. You will win a Wii, to only have it taken away by your parents for what you said to your little sister. 

Sagittarius- Our astronomers have predicted your opponent will make his move. You can finally finish that chess game!

Capricorn- Picture Day is coming up soon! Since the stars are out of order, I would bring a brush.

Aquaruis- Don’t go to lunch wearing your new white shirt, unless you want it to become tie-dye by the end of lunch.

Pisces- You will be visiting the doctor soon enough, after you trip over a rock while you are trying to run from the revenge of the nerds.

Aries- After your long car trip to school, you realize you forgot your pants.

Taurus-While you are trying to help your teacher, you will experience what it feels like to be stapled in the ear.

Gemini- After blaming your little brother on taking your stuff, you will find it all in the backyard. Darn elves.

Cancer- After finally having your house be quite and peaceful, your neighbors will start construction.

Leo- Pluto and Uranus have aligned, so you will finally see that monkey wearing pants!